Ameyo collaborates with WhatsApp to launch series of events for CX Leaders in India


Ameyo, an Exotel company, in partnership with WhatsApp is set to host a series of events for CX Leaders to showcase how businesses can drive the future of their customer engagement with WhatsApp Business Platform. The sessions titled ‘CX Master Summit’ aim to gather CX leaders from brands across industries for a critical discussion on the latest trends and strategies for delivering unmatched customer experiences as customers are increasingly resorting to digital channels to navigate through their lives.

With a user base of more than 2 billion across the globe, WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging platforms today. WhatsApp Business Platform is an enterprise solution that allows businesses to communicate with new and existing customers on WhatsApp in a simple, secure and reliable way.

Connecting with customers on their preferred communication channel to provide excellent customer service is key to building a brand’s reputation and loyalty / customer stickiness and long term success. According to an industry survey, 75% of customers are willing to spend more to buy from businesses that give them a good customer experience. WhatsApp is a channel that consumers prefer to use over email and live chat.

Ameyo’s ‘CX Master Summit’ sessions will discuss how WhatsApp Business Platform can be leveraged to provide an advanced experience to customers using WhatsApp. The series comprises events at three locations. After successfully completing the event in Bangalore (August 26th) and Delhi (September 1st), the next event is slated for September 22nd in Mumbai.

“Customers today expect to communicate with businesses the way they communicate with their friends. With enhanced capabilities of WhatsApp, and AIpowered Customer Engagement Platform, Ameyo is providing ease of customer experience to various business verticals like Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, BPO, Telecommunication, E-Commerce, and Education. We have already observed an uptake in a variety of use cases like Support and Enquiry and we believe this channel can increase conversion / speed of response and reduce the cost of engagement for businesses,” saidSachin Bhatia, Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer, Exotel.


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