Aspire announces Global Partnership with Validata Group


Aspire Systems forms an alliance with Validata Group as a preferred delivery partner to help Temenos T24 Transact, Temenos Infinity and KONY customers in banks and financial services to adopt faster intelligent end-to-end test automation.

Aspire Systems, the trusted global services partner of Temenos, announces its partnership with Validata Group as a Global Channel Partner for its Temenos Suite of Intelligent Test Automation products. Validata is an AI testing expert that provides banks and financial services a no-code, AI-powered platform to optimize their QA and DevOps processes and accelerate digital testing across on-premise Temenos Cloud, and any other cloud installations.

As testing plays a crucial role in the software development cycle and test data automation is now a critical requirement for digital transformation and DevOps, automation has slowly but steadily come to the forefront of every business strategy. Aspire, in collaboration with Validata, will assist banks and financial institutions in implementing intelligent test automation, test data management and environments provisioning to test functionality and eliminate data friction in the CI/CD process, thereby maximizing test and risk coverage and delivering digital experiences and monitoring.

“Aspire currently handles a spectrum of Temenos implementations globally. Our expertise in enhancing testing services across banks and financial institutions will now give us the edge to enable faster test automation cycles and maximum coverage by utilizing Validata’s AI-powered platform, thereby allowing quicker time to market for products,” shared Janakiraman Jayachandran, Head of Testing and Test Automation Service, Aspire Systems.

“We are pleased to partner with Aspire Systems to help our customers realize the benefit of AI-powered, resilient test automation. With banks faced with large data volumes and complexity along with a critical business need to deliver trusted and secure data to their teamsit is important that we have the right partners to help our clients succeed in their digital transformation projects, as quickly as possible to accelerate time-to-market. We are not just running tests; we are redesigning experiences by embedding AI at the heart of every customer interaction to drive real-time change and deliver business performance and greater ROI. Combining Aspire’s rich functional expertise with Validata’s technical prowess in intelligent test automation, test data management and domain expertise, results in seamless digital banking experiences that can raise customer satisfaction to newer heights,” commented Vaios Vaitsis, Founder and CEO, Validata Group.

The shift to DevOps from traditional models is gaining momentum causing banks to rethink their testing strategies to sing to the tunes of digital transformation. With Validata’s state-of-the-art award-winning platform that combines AI, iRPA, and analytics, it allows banks to dive into test automation for key customer journeys based on the functionalities implemented in Temenos applications.

Validata expands automation beyond test execution, into the test design and analysis stage, leading the way to autonomous testing across different interfaces, platforms, payment hubs and mobile. Leveraging AI and machine learning, it drives to the precise root cause of the issues, and identifies the optimal workflows, testing paths, and the ‘next best actions’. Through advanced data masking algorithms, it can identify sensitive information and irreversibly mask production, synthetically generated or virtually created data for testing purposes.

Tests and test data are linked with requirements and can be updated automatically based on changes in the system, thereby maintaining all tests in one go and driving down maintenance costs adequately.

“Validata is a great addition to our Temenos Transformation services offering which helps in transforming the bank’s technology and digital landscape. Our Temenos Transformation services assist banks in their digital and cloud transformation initiatives irrespective of where the bank is currently positioned in their journey. Whether you are traditional bank, a Neo or Challenger Bank, our portfolio of 5 temenos transformation strategies will help in getting future ready sooner.” remarked Suresh Ranganathan, Vice President & Head of Business Unit-BFS, Aspire Systems.


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