AV Xplore introduces Nexus21 Storage Lifts


AV Xplore, distributor for specialty AV products for homes and professional setups, has unveiled Nexus21 AL-250 and AL 125 in India, a versatile storage solution for under-cabinet kitchen space in the array of home settings. Nexus21 Storage Lifts offers easy-access platforms for kitchen appliances, hidden bars and espresso machines. The lift extends 66 cm upwards and has capacity to carry maximum weight of up to 250 kgs.

Nexus21 Storage Lifts offer near silent operation and is ideal for unused and wasted space within the built-in cabinetry. It comes with a screw-driven mechanism, and just at the push of a button, a concealed cabinet raises from the cabinetry, thus providing a new level of convenience and space-efficiency within the kitchen. This model is most often used in the ‘dead corner’ of L-shaped countertops.

Talking about the newly launched Nexus21 Storage Lifts in India, Nikhil Morey, Founder of Tono Systems and Director at AV Xplore said, “With the smart homes making living easy and manageable at a single click, smart kitchens are the latest trends. Designed for easy installation, Nexus21 AL-250 allows one to create an enclosure in any shape to conceal kitchen appliances or other valuables. It is very beneficial to make constructive use of back of kitchen cabinets, in commonly unused ‘dead corners’ and in custom closets.”

Nexus21 Storage Lifts are automation-friendly and compatible with all automation manufacturing companies. It offers the choice of RF remote or Control System Integration Kit. It comes with collision detection that provides stop and reverse on impact.

The UL recognized Nexus21 AL-125/250 utilises less power compared to other similar products available in the market which is as less as 3.5 Amps @ 110V and 1.75 Amps @ 220V at max thrust. The motors available in the market are comparatively slow, while Nexus21 AL-125/250 works at a speed of 3.8 cms per sec and only 17 sec to fully raise, and hardly makes any sound by running at just 45 DB as compared to other motors in the market, which run at louder than 60 DB.

AV Xplore is the exclusive distributor of all Nexus21 products pan India.


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