CAE strengthens presence in Asia with seven new facilities


CAE has strengthened its presence in the Asia-Pacific region with offices in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, India and Australia. CAE is positioned to triple its footprint in Asia over the next three years by placing fully integrated teams in every country with a fabrication facility. Today, CAE has over 130 professionals throughout Asia with an additional 24 professionals being added this year.

Headquartered in the United States, CAE has a long-standing, successful history of operating throughout Asia. CAE completed its first hire in Asia in 2010. Since then, CAE has developed an effective, market-weighted growth plan for operations in Asia and continues to invest in local talent. In 2021, CAE projects 60% of its hiring will occur throughout Asia with growing trading teams, data and decision science experts, logistics and transportation resources, and world-class managers. With growing trading pods in Asia, CAE’s physical global footprint remains fully integrated to provide clients with real-time access to assets and demand from across Asia, Europe and the United States. CAE’s research, inspection and due diligence team, Global Inspection Services (GIS), provides on-the-ground support throughout Asia. CAE’s professionals are based within same-day proximity of many of the active fabrication facilities. GIS will continue to grow alongside trading pods to provide CAE’s clients with rapid reactions to their needs and real-time information on the world’s assets. This year, GIS is projected to conduct over 500 inspections, estimated at 10,000 assets, across fabrication facilities, research centers, warehouses and refurbishment companies in Asia.

“Asia is the most important market for the semiconductor industry. While its origins began as a viable manufacturing venue, it has grown into a set of ecosystems with advanced manufacturing, unique chip design, and broad test and assembly innovation,” said Ryan Jacob, chief executive officer for CAE. “Asia is the highest growth market in the world for semiconductor manufacturing and a technology leader in both high-volume and niche manufacturing. As use cases grow and chips proliferate into cars, homes, energy and transportation infrastructure, industrial automation, healthcare and core communications, integrated circuits have become as central as air, in effect, to modern society.

“Asia has the most rapidly growing middle and consumer class, which means its native demand will complement Asia as a global force in chip production. We want to support the technological development happening throughout Asia. CAE will continue to make its clients successful by providing a safe, transparent, and rapid market for semiconductor capital equipment and commodities as the global installed base continues its migration to Asia. We are the most active semiconductor equipment and commodity trader in Asia. It is the highest growth piece in our business; therefore, we are thrilled to see both employee and customer adoption of our model and look to support both in the future.”

CAE is positioned to support Asia’s strong global business technology presence by rapidly scaling its platform reach, adding over 1,000 new assets and points-of-demand per day on average. With over three decades of history in Asia, CAE’s investment in Asia will continue to support clients today and far into the future. CAE tracks over 537,000 global assets inside fabrication facilities, warehouses, refurbishment companies and research centers — many assets on an exclusive basis. Simultaneously, CAE works with clients on over 260,000 active inquiries, the most extensive collection of supply and demand in the world.


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