CleverTap ties up with Storyly for real-time personalised user journeys


The leading global B2B SaaS platform for customer engagement and retention, CleverTap announced its integration with Storyly, the user engagement platform that embeds full-screen, interactive, and immersive Stories in mobile apps and websites. This integration will make it easier than ever for marketers to leverage the power of both platforms to deliver data-driven, real-time personalized user flows for their most engaging campaigns.

CleverTap is the World’s #1 Retention Cloud that helps app-first brands personalise and optimize all consumer touch points to improve user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. It’s the only solution built to address the needs of retention and growth teams, with audience analytics, deep segmentation, multi-channel engagement, product recommendations, and automation in one unified product. The platform is powered by TesseractDB™ – the world’s first purpose-built database for customer engagement, offering both speed and economies of scale.

Storyly is the user engagement platform to embed full-screen, interactive, and captivating content format of the day, Stories in mobile apps and websites. Storyly Stories empower

marketing strategies of mobile brands and enable them to engage with the audience beyond the limits of the mobile screen.

Storyly will provide marketers with a new and dynamic channel in their activities through this partnership. Using this interactive channel, CleverTap customers will be able to get invaluable zero-party data on their audiences’ preferences and needs, create new segments on CleverTap accordingly and curate user journeys to interact with their users in a way that responds directly to users’ answers.

Integrating CleverTap and Storyly will also connect the platforms in real-time through EventBridge technology, enabling Story interactions to become triggered for automated, personalized marketing messages. As a result, users will experience omnichannel campaigns curated to their needs, while marketers are able to offer a customer-centric experience with minimal hands-on effort. Additionally, users will be protected from repetitive or irrelevant messaging thanks to the real-time data from Storyly.

Marcelo Rocha, Vice President – Latin America of CleverTap comments: “We are excited about this integration with Storyly. We see this as yet another step in the right direction to create an omnichannel user experience for our customers. With Story-style content seamlessly delivering interactive experiences today, we realize the immense untapped potential it holds for growth marketers – who will now be able to leverage this format and create customized user experiences in a convenient and intuitive manner.”

Aykut Bal, Chief Product Officer of Storyly, comments: “An omnichannel experience is one of the best ways to improve the customer experience today. That means taking advantage of very channel possible, enriching them with high-quality and reliable user data, and delivering timely and relevant content in the most captivating formats. Integrating Storyly with a powerful platform like CleverTap will help marketers build user journeys that will boost mobile user engagement, conversion, and retention. Storyly Stories will add a new channel to marketers’ deck of cards, one that offers both a familiar mobile format and data collection capabilities.”



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