Edelweiss Global Markets harnesses automation by using the Nutanix cloud platform


Nutanix said Edelweiss Global Markets used the Nutanix Cloud Platform to modernise and protect its datacenter and assets so it could begin its cloud journey.

With the adoption of Nutanix Cloud Platform, Edelweiss Global Markets has been able to achieve remarkable flexibility and scale its infrastructure as needed through a suite of tools that simplify infrastructure management. This has enabled it to significantly reduce its datacenter costs and provided it with the ability to more quickly launch applications that give it an edge in going after new business.

Amit Jain, CTO of Edelweiss Global Markets said, “We trust in Nutanix’s multi-layered security approach, which includes robust encryption protocols, proactive threat detection measures, and continuous monitoring. Additionally, they provide comprehensive training and support to aid organisations like us in effectively managing and mitigating risks related to automation initiatives. By fostering a culture of security and resilience, Nutanix enables us to fully harness the potential of automation while safeguarding our crucial assets and operations.”

Nutanix prioritises security and risk mitigation, delivering a robust platform for various applications, including AI-driven ones. The Nutanix Data Lens™ and Nutanix Unified Storage™ solutions swiftly detect threats, prevent further damage, and enable 1-click recovery, helping to safeguard sensitive data across clouds. As per Nutanix’s 5th Annual Enterprise Cloud Report, for customers, especially those in the financial services industry, a platform excelling in data management, security, and efficient private cloud management is preferred to mitigate risks arising from downtime and cyberattacks.

Beyond performance enhancements, adopting Nutanix’s cloud solutions has provided operational advantages for Edelweiss Global Markets. The platform facilitates swift deployment of applications and infrastructure, empowering Edelweiss Global Markets to promptly respond to market changes and seize emerging opportunities.

Faiz Shakir, Vice President of Sales, Nutanix India & SAARC, said, “We saw Edelweiss Global Markets as a prime candidate for modernisation. Their rapid growth, focus on innovation, demanding performance needs, and understanding of IT scalability align perfectly with Nutanix’s strengths in agility, cutting-edge solutions, virtualisation expertise, and elastic infrastructure. This alignment has formed a mutually beneficial partnership, empowering Edelweiss with a future-proof IT foundation for continued dominance in the financial sector.”


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