Edgio announces the availibiity of its Applications v7


Edgio announced general availability of the Edgio Applications Platform v7. Its new integrated performance  and security features are designed to increase organizational revenues and accelerate developer team  velocity through better website performance and multi-layer security. Through the integrated, unified  platform, Edgio reduces the need for multiple point solutions while enabling organizations to deploy  applications that are faster, better protect those applications, and boost overall site performance.  Edgio’s unified platform delivers 90% faster page loads, blocks billions of malicious requests each month  and decreases the time it takes to mitigate exploits by 85%. 

With the Edgio Applications platform, teams can now safely deploy website updates twice as often,  while building performance and security directly into their applications through a unified workflow.  Integrated with Edgio’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN), the platform helps developers harness  the complexity of application architectures and technology stacks and contain the spiraling costs and  increasing numbers of cloud platforms, services, and tools many organizations are facing. 

“Web development teams face increasingly complex environments that take more time to manage than  they contribute in productivity, driving top developers to leave their organizations in frustration,” said  Lara Greden, Research Director, PaaS, at IDC. “Their organizations suffer lost revenue due to customer  dissatisfaction with low-performing websites and applications, with root causes of security and delivery focused productivity problems. Platforms like Edgio Applications that enable progressive delivery allow  them to focus on the things that matter most to their end-users, helping to ensure their own satisfaction  and their companies’ success.”  

Leading ecommerce companies such as Mars and Shoe Carnival have cited the Edgio Applications  Platform for its significant contribution to their digital transformation. 

“At Mars, we are committed to focusing on digital advancements, across all our technology platforms.  As such, it is imperative that we deliver a high-performing and dynamic online experience for our  consumers,” said Kyle Barz, IT Director, Mars Wrigley. “By partnering with Edgio and utilizing key  components of its Application platform, we are able to create a modern architecture that allows us to  develop and launch high-performance experiences across our brands, resulting in faster page loads, a  better online user experience, and ultimately increased opportunity for conversion.” 

“Edgio is a valuable partner for Shoe Carnival and using a unified solution that supports our site,  performance, and security needs has been a game changer for us,” said Kent Zimmerman, VP of  Ecommerce and Marketing Technology at Shoe Carnival. “With the addition of Edgio’s security solutions,  we now have greater visibility into potential vulnerabilities, fewer false positives, and the speed  required to deploy new rules and address attempted attacks efficiently and effectively. Edgio’s Expert 

Services team also provided a quick and seamless implementation and continues to provide the support  needed to allow our technology team to stay focused on mission-critical tasks.” 

The Edgio Applications Platform comprises three components – Performance, accelerating web  applications and APIs; Sites, an integrated web application development platform; and Security, a  holistic security solution that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of web applications  and APIs. By providing these three solutions in one integrated platform, Edigo helps companies make  their web applications safer, faster, and more reliable. 

Critical new capabilities of Applications v7 include: 

  • Integrated app-aware global CDN with advanced dynamic caching enables teams to easily  deliver lightning-fast websites while improving developer velocity 
  • Proprietary decision engine, powered by machine learning, enables dual Web Application and  API Protection (WAAP) to mitigate evolving threats at the edge in real-time 
  • Edge Insights allows teams to garner critical analytic insights for Edgio Performance and Security  in one place 
  • Point-and-click configuration enables easy configuration of Edgio services without developer  intervention 
  • Unified console provides actionable insights, deep observability, and centralized alert management for every component of the Applications Platform, all controlled via a single pane of glass 

“Edgio Applications v7 helps ensure that businesses give their customers sub-second performance  consistently, regardless of location or load, resulting in higher conversion rates, better user experiences  and ultimately more revenue,” said Ajay Kapur, CTO and General Manager, Applications, at Edgio. “We  cannot wait to see what our users will build next using these high-performance edge caching, serverless  compute and security capabilities at the edge of one of the world’s largest global networks.”  

Edgio Applications v7 is available immediately. 


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