Equinix opens Global Center of Excellence in India to foster digital transformation


Equinix announced the opening of its Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) in Bengaluru, India. The GCoE will contribute to the development of innovative, automated and scalable digital technologies to improve the digital infrastructure resilience of our customers and employees.

As the fifth-largest economy in the world, India is a high-growth digital market experiencing a data revolution. India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, is widely regarded as the major tech hub in the country. With a robust heritage of premier research and development centers and a wealth of IT talent, Bengaluru has been selected by Equinix to expand its GCoE and set up a talent hub to focus on emerging technologies, corporate applications, data engineering and analytics, among other IT domains.

Currently, Equinix has IT talent hubs in Dallas, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Warsaw. The company plans to hire approximately 500 IT professionals in Bengaluru by the end of 2024.

The pandemic has proved to be the spark that ignited the digital transformation journey for a lot of companies. According to an IDC report “A Blueprint for DX Success: Start with Hybrid Infrastructure and Connected Ecosystems,” while digital transformation is occurring at unprecedented levels, only 3.9% of all enterprise organizations have completed their transformation.

As home to various ecosystems ranging from automotive, cloud, content and digital media, healthcare, manufacturing, payments and transportation, Equinix’s global platform is designed to help customers embrace digital transformation in order to succeed in the digital economy. For more than 20 years, Equinix has invested heavily in developing interconnection and digital infrastructure solutions, including Equinix FabricTM, Equinix MetalTM, Network Edge and Equinix Precision TimeTM, to help businesses more easily and flexibly build their digital infrastructure and seamlessly interconnect their IT infrastructures across the global platform.

In recent years, the role of IT has evolved to a strategic business partner at Equinix. By reimagining the role of technology through an agile and product-centric approach, the team builds on Equinix’s digital leadership with modern technologies such as cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence and DevSecOps. Most recently, Equinix developed machine learning (ML) technology to predict the utilization of its data centers, which allows the company to make better supply chain decisions and plan its data center and service capacity. As a result, Equinix can better optimize its power footprint to support its environmental sustainability efforts, including its commitment to becoming climate-neutral by setting science-based targets for emissions reduction across its global operations and supply chains by 2030.

India has the right environment and ecosystem to support the scale and quality of talent requirements for Equinix IT. By bringing together a powerful combination of technical expertise, domain knowledge, and best practices from Equinix’s extensive global engagements, the GCoE will offer innovative solutions to accelerate the digital capabilities of enterprises across the globe, including India.

Building upon the recent acquisition of two data centers in Mumbai, dubbed MB1 and MB2, the opening of the GCoE in Bengaluru underscores Equinix’s continued efforts to deliver the level of excellence and interconnection that customers expect to accelerate the growth of their digital businesses.

Honorable Shri Murugesh Nirani , Minister for Large & Medium Scale Industries said, “India continues to leapfrog the world in many areas as it continues to be a strong torchbearer for innovation, startups and technology development. It’s essential that the ecosystem is fostered with the right care and attention and in this regard, we welcome the commitment to India by Equinix, the world leader in digital infrastructure space, by investing in Bengaluru with its Global Center of Excellence (GCoE). We believe this is a perfect match and will help drive future readiness while accelerating digital capabilities in the state. Bengaluru has always been at the forefront of digital adoption, and Equinix’s investment is yet another testament to how the city leads the charge in strengthening the country’s digital infrastructure.”

Milind Wagle, Chief Information Officer, Equinix said, “India is a strategic market for Equinix, and the launch of GCoE is an extension of our commitment to the market. The expansion of our IT team reflects our confidence in the talent and market potential in India. To help us deliver market leading solutions for the world’s digital leaders, we want to attract the brightest and best employees. Bengaluru, a key hub in India’s digital economy, is going to play a significant role in creating world-class products.”

Manoj Paul, Managing Director, Equinix India said, “The launch of the GCoE in Bengaluru underscores India’s strategic importance in our global business roadmap. At Equinix, we will continue to invest locally to drive innovation aligned with market requirements and nurture IT talent in India. As an industry leader with global footprint and robust business ecosystems, Equinix is well-positioned to support the digital revolution in India, supporting businesses locally and globally.”


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