Fynd makes shopping easier with AR-based solution


Reliance-backed ecommerce platform Fynd has launched an Augmented Reality (AR) solution called GlamAR that enables consumers to virtually try out beauty and makeup products before making a purchase.

With GlamAR, consumers can discover and experiment with products in real-time by using smartphone cameras.

The screen acts as a mirror, reflecting their selection of shades and products from the brand’s collection.

The makeup shades are personalised based on the individual’s facial features and skin tone.

“With GlamAR, consumers can discover products and virtually try them before they purchase. This launch is another milestone in our vision to enable retail businesses to focus on consumer-centric goals while accelerating growth,” Farooq Adam, Co-founder, Fynd said in a statement.

GlamAR currently supports a wide range of categories from makeup and hair colour to coloured eye lenses and safety masks. In the coming months, Fynd plans to develop new partnerships and expand into product categories such as jewellery, watches and eyewear, etc.



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