Mobile accessories brand, U&i to launch Lyne 


U&i founded in 2019 is set to launch its second-generation brand, Lyne, offering their customers a premium and affordable range of consumer electronic products.

The founders, Meet Vij, Paresh Vij, and Navin Vij, plan to introduce Lyne on July 24th, 2022. A grand launch event is set to take place in Mumbai in the presence of their super stockists and stakeholders.

After years of being a part of the industry and a continual R&D on the preferences of their customer base,  Lyne has come up with a product range that is expected to be unique and unrivalled in terms of quality and value. The company, which is based on their long-running family business, aspires to be a one-stop shop for all requirements relating to mobile accessories and gadgets.

The parent company, U&i, is one of India’s most sought-after consumer electronics brands with a wide product range and superior customer service, especially known among the stockists, distributors, and dealer community nationwide. The brand currently has more than 900 products with over 18,000 dealers and has been endorsed by celebrities as well. Lyne, like its parent company, believes in developing strong relationships with all its stakeholders, which keeps it on a continuous path of innovation and collaborative development.

According to Meet, “Lyne is able to provide high-quality, design-focused, and reasonably priced products because of its several international manufacturing units and a packaging unit in India. While it will be a complete one-stop solution for all the mobile accessory requirements of customers, their main high-demand products will include smart watches, data cables, neckbands, and earbuds.”

The brand intends to quickly but steadily establish itself as India’s most reputable and trusted consumer electronics brand by leveraging its sleek and robust products, powerful distribution network, and previously retained goodwill among its stakeholders. All Lyne products will be available both online and in-stores soon after the launch.


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