Mphasis leverages AWS Skill Builder to drive digital transformation for clients globally

Mphasis, an Information Technology (IT) solutions provider specialising in cloud and cognitive services, today announced its adoption of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skill Builder, an online digital learning center, to invest in talent development of employees through upskilling and reskilling on specialised technologies. AWS Skill Builder will help Mphasis provide its workforce with the cloud skills necessary to successfully drive digital transformation for its clients globally.
Expanding on Mphasis’s cloud expertise, the diverse learning experiences in AWS Skill Builder have allowed the company to seamlessly translate intricate training concepts into practical solutions for its technical and non-technical employees. Moreover, it has proven useful in identifying the requisite cloud skills training, learning cloud-related proficiencies, and facilitating the seamless management of learners’ educational paths.
“AWS Skill Builder will have a pivotal role in effectively training and enhancing the skills of our workforce. The comprehensive training within Skill Builder, which includes both self-paced and hands-on learning modalities, will help us not only foster upskilling within our talent pool, but also align with our client’s ever-evolving business objectives and needs in areas including large-scale migration, cloud operations, and FinOps,” said Ravi Vasantraj, Global Delivery Head, Mphasis.
“As demand for cloud grows, more organisations are investing in upskilling and reskilling their workforce to maximise their opportunities in cloud,” said Jenni Troutman, director of Products and Services, AWS Training and Certification. “With AWS Skill Builder Team subscription, Mphasis is building the in-demand competencies of its technical and non-technical staff, including gaining AWS Certifications, to accelerate its business goals.”
Mphasis has over 600 AWS-certified engineers and aims to certify an additional 1,500 within the next year. These professionals will use the combination of guided learning and labs making it easier to apply new skills in real-life projects benefitting clients every day.
AWS Skill Builder is a comprehensive online learning center that offers 600+ digital courses and curated learning plans, as well as interactive training including self-paced labs, game-based learning for roles and industries, gamified and challenge-based training, and AWS Certification exam prep resources. Spanning technical domains, roles, and skill levels, the diverse training helps teams build practical skills and cloud expertise critical to their organisation.


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