NetApp introduces continuous delivery solution Spot Ocean CD 


NetApp  introduced Spot Ocean CD, a continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes. Ocean CD complements and extends Spot Ocean, optimising delivery of cloud applications by automating deployment strategies across clusters and workloads. The combination of Spot Ocean and Ocean CD extends our Kubernetes automation and optimisation solutions to application delivery, reducing complexity and burdens for DevOps teams while connecting how applications are delivered with how they are operated in production to provide greater agility, reliability and efficiency. 

Organisations rely on the ability to deploy and operate cloud-native applications with speed, scale and confidence to support critical business priorities and initiatives. However, the already overstretched DevOps teams that they depend on to make that possible face daunting challenges and time-consuming work to deliver increasingly complex applications in a consistent, repeatable and reliable way. The delivery process typically contains hundreds of deployments over multiple clusters and is conducted by dozens of developer stakeholders. These challenges increase the risk of frequent failures in delivery that slow down application innovation and impact reliability, frustrating application teams and adding to DevOps and operations burdens. 

Ocean CD automates and optimises the delivery process, providing uniquely valuable Kubernetes deployment control without compromising reliability, security or efficiency. With Ocean CD, DevOps teams can set and maintain deployment strategies across multiple clusters and workloads, while giving developers the ability to identify and prevent potential incidents in early stages that could result in inefficiency and costly failures. Ocean CD enables teams to transform from a basic software release process into a gradual deployment process using proven deployment strategies. Additionally, Ocean CD limits potential failures due to software changes by utilising gradual releases, continuous real-time verification, automatic rollback and granular visibility for service owners. Using Ocean CD together with Spot Ocean and the rest of the Spot by NetApp portfolio of solutions enables organisations to optimise and scale the way they deploy and operate cloud-native applications, simplifying and improving their application delivery and operations pipeline. 

Organisations rely on being able to quickly and reliably deliver and evolve cloud applications to support their business priorities, but too often find themselves hindered by complexity and inefficiency,” said Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India. “Spot Ocean CD extends our automation and optimisation to application delivery, enabling DevOps teams to simplify, standardise and automate the complex Kubernetes software delivery process across any cloud and Kubernetes cluster so that teams can innovate and operate applications rapidly, reliably and efficiently.” 

Ocean CD provides DevOps teams with the following key capabilities: 

Visibility into code rollout in a clear visual interface to easily manage multiple services across clusters in one place, which simplifies complex Kubernetes software delivery processes with automation and gradual software deployment, centralising all deployment-related activities and views in one spot. It also allows a generic model that makes it easy to dynamically manage or change multiple deployment pipelines for all services across all clusters and cloud providers. 

Better control to deploy software changes and rollouts into production with confidence based on clear metrics and policies that identify and fix hidden failure points of deployments without slowing down releases. Ocean CD detects and intercepts deployments, adding intelligent CD capabilities such as Canary or Blue-Green rollout strategies, traffic management, verification-driven process and managed failure policies for smarter rollbacks with better control, allowing users to gain the full power and agility out of Kubernetes with peace of mind and minimal overhead. 

An enterprise-ready continuous delivery product with the right automation to eliminate bottlenecks and manual overhead, simplifying the release of application changes, and ability to scale over hundreds of clusters and services. Ocean CD offers enterprise-grade support and features including SSO, granular permissions management for developers, notifications, multi-cluster management, manager dashboards and frequent updates aligned to customer feedback. 

“With Ocean CD, we can remove bottlenecks in a way that allows us to be the best we can be in our CD environment,” said Matthieu Antoine, Senior Staff System Engineer at JUMO. JUMO is a mobile financial services platform for mobile network operators and banks. “Ocean CD creates a seamless process that’s as automated as it can be, so developers can spend as little time around it as possible. It also reduces production errors and provides better orchestration of complex processes that require a lot of time, such as migrating Kubernetes clusters to newer versions. With this automation now in place, we can better deliver on our greater mission, which is offering reliable financial services to people that so far had no access to such services at all.” 


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