Palo Alto Networks unveils security innovations at Ignite ’21


Palo Alto Networks  showcased security innovations to help organizations protect a rapidly expanding attack surface. Before an audience of 26,000 at its Ignite ’21 conference, the cybersecurity leader unveiled breakthrough solutions, including Prisma Cloud 3.0, the first integrated platform to secure the full application lifecycle, and Next-Generation CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), which raises the bar in SaaS security as organizations tackle exploding SaaS usage with hybrid work.

Palo Alto Networks also announced the Cortex eXtended Managed Detection and Response (XMDR) Partner Specialization, combining its pioneering Cortex XDR 3.0 solution with managed services offerings from more than 15 partners — to empower customers’ security operations.

“With the en masse shift to a hybrid workforce and rapid adoption of the cloud, the way work gets done has changed. SaaS collaboration apps are becoming key to a productive hybrid workforce, but SaaS security has not caught up. With the introduction of our Next-Generation CASB, we’re the first to recognize and embrace this shift — and solve for it,” said Lee Klarich, chief product officer, Palo Alto Networks. “At the same time, as applications are increasingly being developed and deployed in the cloud, Prisma Cloud 3.0 now secures the full cloud application lifecycle. Prisma Cloud continues to push the industry forward with this next evolution of cloud security.”

Palo Alto Networks Ignite ’21 announcements include:

Prisma Cloud 3.0: Integrated Platform Secures the Full Application Lifecycle

The industry’s first integrated platform to shift security left, Prisma Cloud 3.0 significantly improves organizations’ entire cloud security posture by reducing security risk at runtime. With a customer base that already includes 77% of the Fortune 100, the most complete Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) now also offers organizations cloud code security to embed critical protections in the development process, agentless security to complement existing agent-based protection and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) for Microsoft Azure. Read more here.

Next-Generation CASB Helps Organizations Secure Soaring SaaS Usage

Announced today, Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation CASB raises the bar in SaaS security to accommodate today’s hybrid workplace. Developed to secure cloud applications, especially modern collaboration tools, that legacy SaaS security fails to protect, Next-Generation CASB helps organizations enable safe SaaS adoption by automatically securing new applications, accurately protecting sensitive data in real time, and stopping known and unknown threats with best-in-class threat detection and prevention. Read more here.

WildFire Advanced Malware Analysis: Available as a Standalone API for the New Digital Era

To meet the security needs of organizations interacting with customers in new ways online, Palo Alto Networks announced the availability of its WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis as a standalone product. One of the largest advanced malware analysis solutions in the world, powered by crowd-sourced intelligence from over 80,000 customers, this new availability allows organizations to incorporate WildFire’s capabilities across a diverse set of use cases, including securing the online portals where end users increasingly interact with businesses and governments — preventing them from becoming malware delivery vectors. Read more here.

eXtended Managed Detection and Response (XMDR) Specialization Unleashes Cortex XDR to More Customers

Building on demand for Palo Alto Networks pioneering Cortex XDR 3.0 extended detection and response solution, the new Cortex XMDR Specialization enables MSSP partners to combine Cortex XDR with their managed service offerings — helping customers streamline security operations center (SOC) operations and quickly mitigate cyberthreats. With certification and training now tightly integrated with the new benefits of Cortex XDR 3.0, more than 15 organizations have already achieved Cortex XMDR Specialization status — including PwC, Orange Cyberdefense, CRITICALSTART and Trustwave. Read more here.

Unit 42 Doubles Down on Cloud Incident Response

Following a 188% increase in cloud cases over the past three years, Unit 42 announced it is doubling down on its Cloud Incident Response practice to provide an optimized approach for each stage of the cloud incident lifecycle, resulting in faster recovery for impacted organizations. Specialized cloud digital forensics and incident response teams made up of cloud experts use cutting-edge cloud security products like Cortex XDR, Cortex Xpanse, Prisma Cloud and new DFIR methods designed for dynamic cloud incidents to quickly identify attack vectors, extent of access and at-risk data. They also provide expert guidance for remediation measures and control enhancements, ensuring each incident is completely contained

Palo Alto Networks Global Ignite ’21 Conference

Approximately 26,000 registrants from more than 100 countries are convening at Palo Alto Networks Ignite, a three-day event November 15-18, 2021, comprising the Global Ignite ’21 conference, Partner Summit and Public Sector Ignite.


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