Poly Introduces Poly Medialign, An Integrated Video Solution for Modern Conference Rooms

Medialign Product Images

Plantronics, Inc. has announced the availability of Poly Medialign, an integrated video solution for the modern conference room in India. 

Poly Medialign is a comprehensive meeting room solution ideal for mid to large sized conferencing rooms like boardrooms, classrooms and assembly rooms. With Poly Medialign, everything that is required to build a collaborative , agile workplace is included in one system including monitors, tabletop mic array, smart-tracking EagleEye Director II cameras, a powerful codec and all cables.

Poly Medialign delivers the latest Poly MeetingAI functionality including automatic speaker tracking, group framing, Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock to suppress background noise and ensure that meeting participants can focus on what matters. With Medialign, users can easily share ideas, thoughts and presentations in rich UltraHD video and high-fidelity audio.

Ankur Goel, Managing Director for Poly India explained that the new solution was developed in response to growing demand in the market for a high-quality, easy to use, easy to install video conferencing packaged solution to simplify purchasing and deployment.

Video conferencing has gone from being a niche play in board rooms to an expected part of virtually any conference call. Poly Medialign is designed as an integrated system and it is ideal for today’s increasingly global workforce who crave for instant, efficient collaboration with peers , customers and eco systems across the globe. It delivers amazing video quality, digital annotation and whiteboarding capabilities when sharing content. It also features exciting AI functionalities such as hands-free smart cameras with automatic speaker tracking and group framing”, he said.

The Poly Medialign complete video conferencing system delivers a simple, consistent way to build more collaborative workplaces. It gives end users a simple, streamlined experience and integrates with a wide variety of unified collaboration platforms.

One of customer’s pain points while implementing collaboration solution is often that a deployment over several locations may use different display units from multiple vendors, requiring costly room remediation. Poly Medialign addresses this issue as it’s easy to get end users up and running, with simple connection to almost any video conferencing platform. With Poly Medialign, customers can expect consistency in video deployment across multiple locations” Goel added.

Poly Medialign systems are available in three models, Poly Medialign 65, Poly Medialign 75 (with a touch monitor) and Poly Medialign 86, all fully customizable and updated with a sleek new design. The new models come in four different colors: applewood, slate, black or white.


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