RP tech India join forces with Cornelis Networks


RP tech India has announced a strategic partnership with Cornelis Networks, a global provider of purpose-built high-performance fabrics focused on High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and High Performance data analytics (HPDA) applications. Its a win-win for both the companies, the partnership brings RP tech closer to its vision to become the complete solution provider in the enterprise space and enables Cornelis Networks to expand its footprints in the Indian HPC market through RP tech’s wide coverage and a robust SI-channel ecosystem.

Cornelis Networks is a technology leader delivering purpose-built high-performance fabrics to leading commercial, scientific, academic and government organizations worldwide. RP tech India will offer Cornelis Omni-Path Express portfolio (available later in the year), comprising of Host Fabric Adapters, Switches (Edge and Director Class), Gateways, and Cables to HPC and data center customers.

During the initial months, RP tech India will offer Cornelis solutions to HPC specialists, AI, ML solution providers and customers in the Higher Education Research vertical. The company is already strong in the server, storage, and data center space with a comprehensive solutions portfolio and a wide network of 50 branches spread across India. RP tech India is also working with Cornelis to offer a customer oriented HPC solution along with competitive pricing and good lead times making it possible to meet the academic demands of the higher education segment.

“We are extremely pleased to embark on our relationship with RP tech and nurture significant joint opportunities in the Indian HPC market. As an independent company, Cornelis Networks is 100% focused on the design and development of high-performance fabric solutions providing support for all CPU architectures and GPU accelerators.” – commented Mr. Mark Spargo, SVP of Worldwide Sales at Cornelis Networks.

“We are excited to partner with Cornelis Networks to drive the innovation in the fastest growing HPC market in India. The deployment of HPC solutions in the sectors such as Education, R&D, Biotechnology, Robotics etc. has taken a decent lead in the past few years. We are very bullish over this segment and Cornelis is a great addition to our comprehensive solutions offerings to enterprise customers. We will be working closely to develop a customer base for Cornelis Networks in the Indian HPC market”, said Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Director, Sales & Marketing at RP tech India.

Cornelis Networks Solutions under RP tech Enterprise Portfolio

Cornelis Networks Omni-Path Express portfolio for RP tech servers and clusters are positioned to cost-effectively meet the extraordinary scale-out interconnect demands of today’s high-performance computing 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps environments. Along with the Host Fabric Adapters, Cornelis Omni-Path product line includes several switch options, including a 48-port edge switch, 6U Director Class switch supporting up to 288 100 Gbps ports, and a 24U Director Class switch supporting up to 1152 Gbps ports, all delivering full bi-sectional bandwidth per port. Cost effective cable options include passive copper cables and active optical cables. Soon to be available Cornelis Omni-Path Gateway solutions offer multiple connectivity options to enable bridging of Omni-Path Express to Ethernet networks or InfiniBand fabrics. Storage systems deployed with either interface can now be easily connected to an Omni-Path Express HPC/HPDA/AI fabric with a cost-effective turnkey appliance.


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