Tata Elxsi Designs World-Class Experience Centre for Tata Chemicals


Tata Elxsi, one of the world’s leading providers of design and technology services across industries, conceptualised and designed a state-of-the-art Experience Centre for Tata Chemicals, which was inaugurated on August 1, 2023, in Mambattu, Tamil Nadu.

The facility fosters stronger ties between Tata Chemicals and its partners, clients, investors, and employees by facilitating strategic conversations, nurturing long-term relationships, and presenting innovative solutions that align with evolving business needs.

The Experience Centre will showcase interactive demonstrations and presentations, featuring a walkthrough showcasing Tata Chemicals’ achievements, product portfolio and services. To design this exclusive Experience Centre, Tata Elxsi collaborated with internal stakeholders to get a deep understanding of Tata Chemicals’ core strengths and vision and created this unique experience.

Mr. R Mukundan, MD and CEO of Tata Chemicals, stated, “Tata Elxsi played a pivotal role in transforming our vision of Experience Centre into a tangible reality through their design, digital technology, and content development expertise.  Through interactive demonstrations and presentations and a captivating walkthrough showcasing our achievements, product portfolios, and services, the Experience Centre now showcases the essence of our company.”

Mr. Sunil Punjabi, Vice President of Systems Integration Services Tata Elxsi, said, “At Tata Elxsi, we recognised the needs and challenges of the Tata Chemicals team before conceptualising the Experience Centre. Our multi-disciplinary group of researchers, instructional designers, content experts and technology specialists joined forces to assist in bringing Tata Chemicals’ vision to life. It was a rewarding experience to be a part of this project, and we extend our congratulations to Tata Chemicals for their foresight in creating such an innovative and state-of-the-art Experience Centre.”


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