Tech Soft 3D expands partnership with ProtoTech Solutions in India


Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of SDKs to engineering software development companies has expanded its presence in India through a strengthened strategic partnership with ProtoTech Solutions.

Tech Soft 3D is the exclusive distributor of Autodesk AutoCAD OEM, Autodesk Inventor OEM and Autodesk RealDWG. The partnership with ProtoTech Solutions will provide specialized development services to the Indian market.

“We are driven by our passion to fuel innovation for our partners,” said David Grieve, director of OEM partner development at Tech Soft 3D. “We’re seeing so much happening, from the boom in construction software to manufacturing as a service, additive manufacturing, AR/VR, IoT and model-based design – across all platforms – there’s never been a time with so much innovation happening in the industry, and we are excited to partner with ProtoTech Solutions to help more Indian software and engineering companies build the critical applications they need to stay competitive and grow their business.”

Leveraging their deep expertise and knowledge of AutoCAD OEM and Inventor OEM, ProtoTech Solutions will now offer development services to companies who do not have bandwidth or resources to develop their own OEM-based applications.

One of the main benefits of the AutoCAD OEM and Inventor OEM platforms is the flexibility to remove the functionality that isn’t needed, add custom functionality through a comprehensive set of APIs and brand the product to offer a unique solution. This flexibility, use of a complete platform with pre-built CAD functionality and a full user interface means that specialist CAD based applications can be brought to market in record time.

“We are very excited to partner with Tech Soft 3D to provide developer services to help companies build new applications on the Autodesk OEM platforms to serve the Indian market,” said Rajesh Bhartiya, founder and CEO of ProtoTech Solutions. “As early adopters of Autodesk technology and now with more than 15 years of helping companies build applications across nearly every industry, we have unparalleled expertise to help companies bring their solutions to market quickly.”

ProtoTech was founded in 2005 with a vision to help software companies build 3D applications and quickly get their ideas to the market. In the past 15 years, the team of 70+ experts has implemented more than 7 million lines of code to build wide ranging 3D applications for the military, aerospace, architecture, construction, mining, additive manufacturing, agriculture, inspection, medical visualization as well as the fashion and Jewellery industries, for companies in 55 different countries.

With the launch of Autodesk OEM solutions in the Indian market, partners that choose to work with AutoCAD OEM or Inventor OEM will be offered a 50% discount on OEM Partnership Fees for Year 1, furthermore if they choose to work with ProtoTech then they will be offered 25% discount on ProtoTech’s development fees until the product is shipped or 1 year plus an additional 25% discount on OEM Royalties for life. The offer is valid until August 31st, 2020, more details can be obtained by contacting Tamilvanan Ramalingam +91 88256 99366 [email protected].


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