ValueFirst to Co-Sell Twilio Products in India


ValueFirst will begin co-selling the following Twilio’s products: Twilio Segment, SendGrid Email API, Programmable Video and Twilio Live in India. Through this co-selling model, current customers and prospects will have access to an expansive portfolio of widely trusted communications stack – from Messaging to MarTech, to Conversational AI. These products will enable AI-powered deliverability, email marketing, automation, and multi-channel seamless communication to Indian enterprises at every stage of their growth.

The launch of the co-sell model follows Twilio’s acquisition of ValueFirst in 2021.

Commenting on the collaboration, Vishwadeep Bajaj, CEO & Founder, ValueFirst, said, “With our leadership position in the CPaaS space in India and an opportunity to offer Twilio’s innovative offerings, we are excited to provide customers more ways to communicate with their consumers. The adoption of these products will not only help our customers achieve lower acquisition cost and higher lifetime customer value, but also drive full-scale digital transformation”.

“India is an important market for Twilio, and this marks the start of an exciting new chapter since the acquisition of ValueFirst in 2021. With this collaboration, businesses in India will be able to use communications and data to add intelligence to every step of their customer journey in a flexible, programmatic way, said Lee Hawksley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, Twilio.

Twilio Segment: Twilio Segment’s platform and APIs allow companies to collect, clean and control their customer data, providing a single view of customers across channels for more effective engagement. When combined with Twilio’s communication channels, this insight enables businesses to delight their customers with personalized, timely and impactful communications on the right channel at the right time.

Twilio SendGrid: The Twilio SendGrid Email API solves email delivery challenges at scale and ensures customers’ email program lives up to their product experience. It provides the flexibility for customers to build customized solutions, as well as helpful shortcuts to streamline integration and optimize their inbox placement. Businesses use Twilio email products for both marketing messages as well as transactional emails, including shipping notifications, friend requests, password resets and sign-up confirmations.

Twilio’s Video: Programmable Video provides developers with the building blocks to add voice and video to web and mobile applications. Developers can address multiple use cases such as video consultations, telemedicine, distance learning, recruiting, social networking and more by using Programmable Video’s global cloud infrastructure to build on WebRTC. They can use Twilio JavaScript, iOS or Android SDKs, quick starts and open-source sample code to launch applications in minutes, then customize them to meet the unique needs of their use case. With Video Insights, developers can monitor the performance of their video applications directly from the Twilio Console.

Twilio Live: Twilio Live gives developers the tools to create immersive, interactive audio or video live streaming experiences. Its low-latency delivery enables speakers and audience members to engage via chat, polls, and inviting audience members “on stage” to speak. Developers can build interactive shopping experiences, broadcast events such as conferences or concerts, fitness, and more using live streaming APIs, SDKs, and sample code optimized for iOS, Android, and all major browsers.


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