ZNet and Virtuozzo Join Forces to Revolutionise India’s Technology Landscape


In a significant move to modernise and enhance the technological infrastructure in India and South-East Asia, ZNet Technologies, India’s leading cloud distributor offering cloud infrastructure and managed services, today announced its partnership with Virtuozzo, a global leader in high-efficiency virtualisation and cloud management software solutions.

This strategic partnership marks ZNet’s role as a key distributor of Virtuozzo products, offering innovative solutions to a rapidly evolving market in India and the broader South-East Asian region.

A Leap Towards Technological Advancement
“Through our collaboration with Virtuozzo, we aim to bring a new era of technology solutions to India,” said Munesh Jadoun, Founder and CEO, ZNet Technologies. “Virtuozzo’s advanced cloud solutions align perfectly with our commitment to providing enhanced services to our customers. This partnership is a step forward in our mission to modernise the Indian technological landscape.”

Virtuozzo specialises in creating virtualisation and hyperconverged software solutions that optimise infrastructure and enable service providers, developers, and enterprises to leverage the most advanced cloud technologies. With a range of products that offer efficient, scalable, and affordable solutions, Virtuozzo stands at the forefront of innovation in cloud software technology.

Virtuozzo offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to modernize and streamline business operations. These include:
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): An OpenStack-based public cloud with flexible pricing models, ensuring cost-effective and scalable cloud infrastructure.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): A powerful, containerised cloud platform with automatic scaling, clusterisation, and CI/CD integration for enhanced application development.
Kubernetes as a Service: High-performance Kubernetes clusters with automated, scaling, and updates that helps in simplifying the container orchestration.
Database as a Service: Automated solutions for database provisioning, clustering, scaling, and updates.
WordPress as a Service: Optimised WordPress installations with features like automated scaling and clustering for high-performance websites.
Multi-Cloud Management: A unified solution for managing applications across multiple cloud environments.
S3 Storage as a Service: Scalable, S3-compatible object storage, ideal for diverse project needs.
Backup as a Service: Robust backup and disaster recovery solutions.

ZNet Technologies is dedicated to delivering exceptional services that include cloud hosting, managed services, and IT infrastructure solutions. This partnership enhances ZNet’s portfolio, enabling it to offer more comprehensive solutions to its clients.

“With our partnership with ZNet Technologies, we’re sharing a vision to revolutionise the cloud services landscape in India and South-East Asia. At Virtuozzo, we believe in empowering businesses with advanced cloud technology, and the drive for global digital transformation,” said Alex Fine, CEO of Virtuozzo.


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