Blazeclan recognized as a New Relic Advanced Partner  

Varoon Rajani, Co-Founder and CEO, Blazeclan Technologies

Blazeclan, a leader in accelerating digital transformation on the cloud, is pleased to announce that it is now an Advanced Partner of New Relic, the observability company. With this partnership upgrade, Blazeclan’s cloud offerings will be more strategically aligned to New Relic’s Full-Stack Observability offering. Additionally, it will help Blazeclan in building a more effective go-to-market strategy and work closely with large customers worldwide.

“Blazeclan is proud to become a New Relic Advanced Partner. New Relic’s expertise is unmatched in application performance management and observability, which forges our capabilities in accelerating cloud migration journeys for our customers. With New Relic’s end-to-end application monitoring and visibility, our customers are reassured in realizing the true value of cloud computing,” says Varoon Rajani, Founder & CEO at Blazeclan.

New Relic’s Full-Stack Observability platform provides engineers with unprecedented visibility across all layers of the software stack. With this essential live view of their entire software system’s health and performance, engineers can quickly discover emerging performance issues and swiftly take action to get systems back to full health before customers or employees are impacted. This, combined with Blazeclan’s expertise in cloud-native application development and managed services, will provide customers with improved observability and application performance, from development to execution, coupled with continuous monitoring and support. It will not only help them achieve a high quality of end-user experience but also optimize cloud costs.

“New Relic plays a pivotal role in enabling customers to accelerate their cloud migration journey. Together with Blazeclan’s cloud transformation capabilities, we aim to provide customers with a holistic view of their cloud and on-premise infrastructures. The objective is to empower customers to optimize their workloads, while controlling their cloud spending accurately,” says Ben Goodman, senior vice president, sales and GM for Asia Pacific and Japan.

This partnership upgrade gives Blazeclan a strategic focus, along with New Relic, to leverage the growing adoption of cloud-native infrastructures and multi cloud environments, driven by the COVID-19 crisis. Our combined capabilities will bring successful elimination of all operational silos for organizations globally. Filling the security and compliance gaps, our focus remains dedicated towards enabling seamless cloud adoption with end-to-end visibility and cost-optimization.


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