Blazeclan announces Cloud Security Posture Monitoring SaaS platform- Cloudlytics 3.0

Varoon Rajani, Co-Founder and CEO, Blazeclan Technologies

Blazeclan has announced it’s all new and transformed SaaS platform Cloudlytics 3.0 that helps organizations automate their cloud governance and compliance needs. Cloudlytics offers integrated security configuration, activity monitoring and compliance checks for multi-cloud environments. With hundreds of automated configurations and security checks, Cloudlytics is built to strengthen cloud security posture and help meet compliance mandates for organisations.

The cloud computing market is growing at a rapid pace, despite the effects of the pandemic. Software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud development, and cloud infrastructure (IaaS) spend is projected to reach $411 billion by 2022, according to Forrester. With cloud infrastructure complexity continuing to increase alongside growing usage, users, accounts, and instance types, IT professionals increasingly depend upon software to enable visibility, consistency, and security of management practices — further deepening the need for cloud governance tools.

Talking about the value proposition, Abhijeet Chinchole, Head of Product says ‘Since the cloud environment has been expanding over many areas, organizations are struggling to consolidate possible misconfigurations and get a transparent platform for information relay. Gartner reports states that 95% of all cloud security breaches are due to misconfigurations, and those mistakes have cost companies nearly $5 trillion in the last couple of years. Cloudlytics has been built to address this gap with state of the art solutions like Cloud Intelligence Engine, Asset Monitoring Engine, Event Analytics Engine. It also helps organizations to automate compliance with benchmarking for regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, SOC2, CIS, NIST, GDPR and many more, prioritize efforts according to risk, Discovery and Visibility, Continuous Threat Detection.
Our competition is with the products from big banners out there in the market but Cloudlytics stands out with its simplicity, configurability and cost effectiveness.”

Cloudlytics has been intensively used by Blazeclan for the last 6 years for all its managed services clients to monitor and maintain security of their complex cloud environments. With 2021, the company decided to open up the platform to a wider market with a direct SaaS subscription. Commenting on this move, Varoon Rajani, Cofounder and CEO, Blazeclan & Cloudlytics said “Security is very important for all the enterprises using Public Cloud and we are helping dozens of our customers to secure their applications and data on major public cloud platforms. Cloudlytics helps customers to do just that. We have been investing in this platform over the years and we are releasing it to a wider set of customers after making it a self service platform.”

Cloudlytics is focused on expanding their massively scalable architecture and unique compliance management tools. It aims to help organizations manage cloud adoption and security, replacing disparate teams and point solutions with a single unified platform that provides total visibility.


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