Juniper Networks announces new offerings as part of JATP Appliances


Juniper Networks has announced new offerings as part of the Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention (JATP) appliances, enabling enterprises to detect malware, understand behaviour and mitigate threats with just one touch. This solution leverages data from any third-party firewall or security data source, avoiding unnecessary vendor lock-in.

Sixty-four percent of security teams surveyed said that speeding up threat analysis and prioritising threats with automation would improve their security posture, according to a Juniper Networks and Ponemon Institute study. High volumes of incident data generated by numerous, disparate sources make threat detection and mitigation increasingly difficult. To uncover critical threat behaviour, already-understaffed security teams spend significant time analysing and correlating alerts, ultimately increasing time to remediation. Security teams also face the manual tasks of creating one-off custom integrations to ingest relevant data from these sources.

To address these challenges, Juniper Networks has revealed new capabilities that build upon the open architecture of its unified cybersecurity platform. Now security teams can easily create custom data collectors right in the JATP Appliances platform, enabling the ingestion of threat data from any Juniper or third-party firewall. Leveraging an intuitive user interface without the need for custom code or pre-defined integrations, Juniper is simplifying operations in multi-vendor environments.

This new capability introduces easy-to-use customisation controls for security analysts to collect, parse and pinpoint specific data without relying on outsourced customisations. It also automatically integrates with the single, comprehensive timeline view offered by the JATP appliances, streamlining investigation and remediation by bringing the most important threat behavior details to the forefront more quickly.

“We have been very pleased with Juniper’s best-in-class unified cybersecurity platform, which has helped protect us against threats more easily and faster than before, mitigating the risk of disruption to our shows, websites and other media sources and protecting our intellectual property. With Juniper’s security platform, we’ve been smarter, leaner and more efficient with our network. We’re looking forward to these new additions to their portfolio and continuing to leverage Juniper’s products to protect our company against a wide range of threats,” said Dustin Brandt, Director – IT, America’s Test Kitchen.

“As a longtime partner of Juniper, we have seen its unified cybersecurity platform continue to grow into the robust security offering it is today. We believe that these newly added JATP400 capabilities will enable our customers, including distributed enterprises, to quickly identify and intuitively fight threats by adding much needed automation to their security portfolio,” said Patrick Zanella, Security Practice Lead, Integration Partners.

“We are immensely proud of the progress we have made to date with our unified cybersecurity platform and are excited to announce the newest addition to our portfolio, JATP400 Appliance, along with the addition of our latest threat detection capabilities. The new custom data collectors, in particular, will give our customers a fast and flexible way to gain a better view of their network from all angles, using their security data to quickly identify advanced threats directly from the JATP Appliances. We look forward to bringing these new capabilities to enterprises and taking another step toward truly secure networks,” added Samantha Madrid, Vice President – Security Business and Strategy, Juniper Networks.


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