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Decoding How Low Code can Help Enterprises Eliminate Technical Debt

To address the stumbling blocks and enable smooth operations, the need of the hour is to adopt an agile operating environment that can help enterprises quickly and smartly respond to dynamic business requirements, thereby eliminating technical debt.

Qlik expands cloud-based analytics programs

Qlik has announced new packaging and adoption programs, giving customers more choice and making it simpler, easier and more cost-effective to adopt analytics in...

Highbar Technocrat gears up to support enterprises operating in the construction domain to mitigate...

Highbar Technocrat has announced its extensive support to enterprises operating in the construction domain to mitigate COVID-19 impact on key operational processes. Highbar has been...

Enterprises Are Becoming “Intelligent” with Growing IoT Investments: Study

Retail organizations have gained the most momentum in the last 12 months, graduating from the bottom of the 2018 vertical Index rankings to nearly the top of the 2019 list, second only to Healthcare.
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Lexar appoints Adarsh Technologies as its channel partner for South India

Lexar, has announced the appointment of Adarsh Technologies based in Bengaluru, as its strategic channel partner for the state of Karnataka, South India. As...

Alteryx unveils industry’s first AI assistant designed to empower users to seamlessly build analytical...

Alteryx AiDIN Copilot designed to streamline analytics workflows with natural language AI to make it easier to onboard new users and drive decisions up...

Kaspersky’s award-winning Security Awareness now offered on-premises

A large number of companies around the world have introduced strict security policies that do not allow cloud cybersecurity training solutions due to their...
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