Highbar Technocrat gears up to support enterprises operating in the construction domain to mitigate COVID-19 impact


Highbar Technocrat has announced its extensive support to enterprises operating in the construction domain to mitigate COVID-19 impact on key operational processes.

Highbar has been enabling their clientele seeking business continuity support to leverage disaster recovery technologies for core business activities. With this announcement, Highbar has opened up the opportunity for other companies in the construction, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors to enable a quick rebound in business operations after the lockdown is lifted.

‘’The construction industry is one among the worst-hit sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic. While enterprises are brainstorming on activating and polishing their business continuity strategies, construction players utilize custom-configured applications which demand distinctive expertise. Considering the gravity of the current crisis and its business impact, Highbar has pledged an end to end support for the industry with full-scale technology and service support. Under this initiative we will also guide construction businesses in implementing the most relevant disaster recovery technology investments”, said Joydeep Banerjee, Head of Business Development, Highbar Technocrat.

The market leader also recommends that business leaders in the infrastructure industry should leverage the following technologies to mitigate the lockdown impact of the global Coronavirus outbreak-:

Internet of Things

While the construction activities across the globe have come to a grinding halt, Internet of Things (IoT) will enable the top management to continue receiving alerts from the construction sites. With cities deserted, there is a high chance of theft of materials and equipment, intentional damage to properties under construction and much more. The technology in this regard will ensure real-time alerts to concerned stakeholders to eliminate losses owing to any untoward incident at construction sites. It can also potentially create the much needed evidence in case of damage or theft that the insurance company would require. In case of theft, tracking and recovering the expensive assets will also be possible.

Cloud-based collaboration tools

The ongoing global lockdown has forced entire teams to work from different locations and a robust cloud-based collaboration platform is the need of the hour for a seamless flow of information. Highbar Technocrat strongly recommends the industry to invest in a scalable, secured collaboration platform with support for a host of smart devices and operating systems.

Document management solution

Document management platforms have evolved from being mere digital repositories to business enhancement tools. Boasting of features ranging from ‘’advanced search’’ to restricted access, cloud-powered document management solutions have emerged as pivotal solutions for business continuity and agility for construction enterprises. With a surge in the usage of smart devices, employees of a construction firm can access, update and collaborate on a document in real-time from across the globe.

Employee self-service portal

Workforce motivation should fall under the primary objectives for a construction enterprise in the prevailing crisis. With employees including HR managers confined to their homes, an employee self-service portal will ensure real-time updates to the workforce involving distinctive job roles. It will also facilitate employees in pulling up documents like salary slips, leave records etc. from the comfort of their homes.


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