Innovation is all about thinking inside the box


By Palash Nandy

Innovation need not be always disruptive. As the business world becomes more and more customer centric, the focus of the brands has also shifted rapidly towards making their customer’s life simpler with user friendly products.

Innovation in a B2B context is all the more challenging, especially when you serve multiple business segments. At Numeric, innovation is one of the prime growth axes, where our energy is focussed on need-based innovation and that truly reflects in all our products.

Shrinking space, growing power needs
Traditionally, UPS has always been seen as huge machines that considerably occupied a significant real estate space. The space occupied was not only about the machine as such, but the area around it had also to be steered clear, be it for air circulation or for service accessibility. The UPS systems till a few years ago had accessibility only from the back, not only consuming space but also making the life of its technicians cumbersome.

With KEOR series, our Keor HP/HPE UPS was designed to give ease of access from the front, breaking the otherwise conventional way of how UPS was accessed from the back. This not only ensured compact footprint but also resulted in overall operational efficiency thus saving real estate space. Our Keor series are also extremely user friendly with respect to Installation, commissioning or subsequent servicing.

Operational challenges
The foremost battle for any business is to keep their operational cost in control. At Numeric, we understand the mounting pressure on keeping the cost burden under check. Numeric’s Keor HPE was designed keeping in mind the operational cost burden of the customers. The high efficiency double conversion, transformer free architecture and internal battery option reduces total cost of ownership.

Newer IGBT technology allows working with higher voltages, so there is no need to step up the voltage after the inverter. This has an enormous effect on energy efficiency. The optimised cooling system placed in the upper part of the UPS enables to position the UPS against the wall without affecting the performance.

The technology conversion control reduces maintenance cost significantly, extending the life of all critical components and battery. The Keor HPE UPS guarantee maximum real power, 11% more than the competitor products.

Due to the several advantages that this range offers, the products have had good acceptance levels since the launch, and have already allowed us to gain many prestigious customers across verticals.

Similarly, DAKER DK Plus, a single phase high density UPS that we launched in June is pegged as the most eligible UPS with unparalleled features. The UPS that can be used both in Rack and Tower mode has a rotatable display screen and offers up to 98% efficiency.

Minimal environmental impact
The year 2018 saw large-scale data center operators led by Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft spend a whopping $120 billion in a single year on data centers. The writing is clear on the wall – with more and more data centers, the corresponding power consumption and global emission will be up for more scrutiny. Therefore the focus will get on to building sustainable data centers.

Being part of Group Legrand, we have a deep commitment to sustainability. One of the primary sustainability touts we currently have involves our new Product Environmental Profiles (PEP). Developed through the PEP Eco passport program, PEPs are Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that are specific for electric, electronic and HVAC products. PEPs are written in compliance with the ISO 14025 standard.

PEPs summarize a product’s life cycle assessment, which examines the environmental impact of a product or product family throughout its lifecycle, from raw material extraction to end of life. This declaration provides the credible transparency information necessary to document a product’s environmental impact in a widely accepted and standardized format.

PEPs are becoming increasingly prevalent as the most recent revisions of leading building sustainability performance mechanisms have driven demand for product transparency to new heights, with building owners and data center managers now wanting to know what’s in their infrastructure products and what environmental impacts they pose.

The importance of these declarations goes beyond market demand for product transparency. They are driving greater transparency in a manufacturer’s supply chains and manufacturing practices, thus evolving the growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

At Numeric, we are already ahead with our products Keor HP, Keor HPE, Trimod and the very recent launch of Daker DK Plus satisfying the environmental requirements to move towards a greener future.

Summing up, innovation lies in the details, that which will impact our lives every single day. It need not always be a distinctive ground breaking technological innovation, but essentially need based, one that will solve the pain points of every customer. And that’s why at Numeric, innovation is always driven by need.

(The author is the CEO of Numeric)


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