How flexibility and bold pivots aided businesses during the pandemic


It’s been almost a year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. From that point, the world has changed drastically. We’ve learned how to physically distance from one another, how to wear (and in some cases how to make) face coverings, and how to cope, process and adapt to change. From schools taking to virtual lessons to healthcare organizations adopting telemedicine practices, and many businesses closing their office doors and operating remotely, we’ve all had to pivot and innovate to succeed.

Failing quickly in order to evolve to the changing landscape and ultimately succeed — or stay afloat — in the last year has been a challenge many have fully embraced. Whether your company had to learn to reallocate resources and manpower like General Motors who began producing ventilators and FDA-cleared surgical masks; had to more widely adopt tools such as GoToMeeting and GoToRoom to continue business as “unusual” like law firm Bennett, Bigelow & Leedom; or had to pivot your entire business strategy like Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in California who acted quickly to save jobs and began targeting home bakers with at-home baking kits, companies and organizations around the world have had to embrace more agile thinking and make big shifts in order to survive.

One of our favorite examples of an organization pivoting in the face of the pandemic is that of Sweet Farm, a non-profit sanctuary that saves farm animals from slaughter and addresses the impact of farming across animals, plants and the planet.

With in-person visits funding their sanctuaries — providing for the animals and supporting their mission to provide education about agriculture, farm-animal rescue and the technology that makes sustainable farming possible — Sweet Farm needed to transition fast to drive revenue. The founders innovated and decided to kick off Goat-2-Meeting, a virtual visit to meet the farm’s animals and combat virtual meeting fatigue with a new nonhuman face.

Since Goat-2-Meeting’s founding, they’ve:

  • Hosted over 8,000 meetings
  • Reached more than 250,000 people around the world
  • Provided over 100 public schools with free virtual classes

Because of these efforts, they’ve been able to raise over $1 Million to support Sweet Farm and 10 other sanctuaries during the worst months of the pandemic!

We are proud that GoToMeeting was able to sponsor Sweet Farm and enable a more robust set of virtual education offerings.

Helping organizations and businesses pivot to a more flexible work environment is what we are passionate about at LogMeIn. Whether our products were utilized or not, we tip our hats to every business who had to make hard transitions in the past year. We’ve found that the most successful pivots share several traits: utilizing the resources and talents that a company already has on hand, creating a product or service that is in demand and needed by the population, and utilizing the right tools to do so.


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