Alteryx Launches New Alteryx AiDIN Innovations to Fuel Enterprise-wide Adoption of Generative AI


Alteryx, Inc. the Analytics Cloud Platform company, today announced new Alteryx AiDIN innovations, including AI Studio, one of the industry’s first deployment-agnostic interfaces that is purpose-built for no-code users to leverage generative AI. Nearly 90 percent of companies currently using generative AI reported seeing benefits from the technology, and the new Alteryx AiDIN innovations are designed to help organisations incorporate custom business data into LLMs in a governed manner to drive operational agility and deliver competitive advantage.

“With generative AI showing immense potential across the analytics value chain, we need to take action now and help our clients accelerate adoption securely and responsibly so they can make better, faster decisions at scale,” said Brad Collins, partner and enterprise digital transformation leader at RSM US. “We’re excited to work with a trusted vendor like Alteryx and use Alteryx AiDIN to develop new solutions that will help our clients quickly identify new opportunities for digital innovation as they navigate changing markets.”

Harnessing the Power of Generative AI with Alteryx AI Studio
Built on the end-to-end unified Alteryx analytics automation platform and powered by Alteryx AiDIN, the new Alteryx AI Studio is designed to give organisations the power to select an LLM of their choice from a list of available options, then tune it using their own custom business data to adapt to the specific context of their business.

Alteryx AI Studio seamlessly integrates with Alteryx Designer so customers can easily consume their models through existing workflows and construct applications with a conversational interface. Further, Alteryx AI Studio is designed to help safeguard sensitive information and facilitate data security and compliance by giving customers full control of their LLM lifecycle and the option to host and manage the LLM within Alteryx or in their own environment.

Accelerating Time to Insight with Playbooks
Alteryx AiDIN continues to unlock innovation with the newest upcoming Auto Insights feature, Playbooks. Playbooks is being designed to make it faster and easier to get insights from data by using generative AI to automate the initial stages of the analytics delivery process including use case ideation, use case selection, and developing a proof-of-concept data story. Users will simply provide their role and company, then Playbooks will suggest relevant and important analytics use cases to explore and build.

“From staying ahead of the competition and expanding into new markets to increasing productivity, organisations are looking for new ways to win with generative AI,” said Suresh Vittal, chief product officer at Alteryx. “With Alteryx AiDIN, we’re helping customers propel their organisations forward by making it easy for any user to responsibly use LLMs and generate outcomes that drive business growth and productivity.”


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