Huawei launches new Cloud solution to boost digital payments


Chinese tech giant Huawei on Thursday launched a Cloud solution designed to help digital payment service operators quickly build super app-centred payment ecosystems.

With an open ecosystem, the solution provides API (application programming interface) and other technologies that enable partners to launch the service on super app within one week.

“We all know that the key to success in the mobile payment business relies on the ecosystem. Super app is a critical platform and engagement point for ecosystem partners and provides an efficient merchant marketplace,” Ryan Wu, Director of Huawei Software Marketing and Solution Sales Department, said in a statement.

“Huawei’s digital payment Cloud is designed to provide a payment platform and super app that helps mobile payment operators build an ecosystem quickly and efficiently.”

Huawei said that with the digital architecture of its solution, both user and transaction data can be opened in real time, ensuring real-time query experience for users and merchants.

In addition, real-time risk control can be built based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis capabilities to identify fake transactions and avoid cash-out risks.

With a Cloud native platform, the solution supports container/micro-service, auto-scaling, grayscale release, and enables software updates in days, the company said.

Huawei announced the solution at its Better World Summit 2020 with an aim to help accelerate digital financial inclusion in emerging markets.



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