LDS Infotech strengthening focus on cloud and niche skills


LDS Infotech is betting big on the opportunities in the cloud space. The company is aggressively tapping this market with a plethora of cloud offerings and has set a concrete GTM plan in place

Amarnath Shetty, Managing Director, LDS Infotech

Industry-wide adoption of cloud and digital transformation has meant new opportunities, as well as challenges. For LDS Infotech, the prime focus was staying ahead of the competition, and aligning people, data, and technology. A key growth driver for the company has been its focus on improving customer experience, and at the same time, taking care of their revenue growth and building a unique differentiation, reducing costs and faster GTM approach.

Amarnath Shetty, Managing Director, LDS Infotech, says, “We were able to leverage a wide spectrum of digital technology products and solutions that we have developed as well as partnered with to improve product lines and services for our customer and thus enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues. Our areas of expertise lie in innovation, expanding ourselves across the technology landscape, constant product evolution, and getting aligned with the changing consumer preferences. We possess expertise in implementing, migrating, developing and automating multi-cloud platforms; be it compute, containers, analytics, AI/ML, IoT and DevOps.”

Sharing how LDS Infotech is positioning itself as a trusted advisor in the digital transformation journey of its customers, Shetty comments, “Many companies are struggling to innovate and expand due to fragmented technology landscape, constant product evolution, and changing consumer preferences. Our digital transformation consulting practice leverages a wide spectrum of digital technology products and solutions that we have developed as well as partnered with to improve product lines and services for our customers, and thus enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues. We identify opportunities to address specific problems within the firm and frame them in a way wherein digital solutions can be implemented.”

LDS Infotech has identified cloud as a big focus area, and the company has been tapping the cloud business aggressively, with an array of cloud offerings:

  • Cloud advisory services: LDS Infotech’s cloud solution experts provide customers with the right cloud approach, platform fitment, considering key business aspect like scale, security and manageability. The company provides roadmap for cloud adoption, cloud architecture assessment for hybrid integration and performance.
  • Cloud implementation services: With an enriching implementation portfolio spanning across application architecture, the company’s certified cloud specialists help customers design and build the cloud model for their workloads.
  • Cloud managed services (automation and DevOps): LDS Infotech helps businesses reduce operational expenses involved in managing IT, attain guaranteed round-the-clock availability, instilling great deal of security and allowing them to focus on strategic engagements. The company provides multiple tool sets and DevOPs expertise to automate customers’ technology processes, thereby reducing cost and increasing RoI.
  • BCP and DR on cloud: The company helps customers leverage cloud redundancy and build business continuity at a fraction of cost, thus, ensuring lower RPO and RTO.
  • Cloud security and governance: LDS Infotech helps its customer build secure hosting architecture and manage security systems end-to-end, keeping them updated and protected from potential vulnerabilities.
Selvanayagan M, Head – Cloud and IT Services, LDS Infotech

Elaborating more on the cloud business, Selvanayagan M, Head – Cloud and IT Services, LDS Infotech, states, “Going forward, the world will move to hybrid cloud. We are already witnessing numerous organisations across industry vertical adopting the hybrid cloud model. LDS Infotech is focussing on the cloud solutions market; our USP is that we are working on the niche cloud skills, because there’s lack of these skill sets in the market. We want to enable customers to leverage all the services that come with cloud. Due to various industry tie-ups, data centres are going to become cheaper; and customers are also moving from CapEx to OpEx model. With these developments, we see a huge scope in the market.”

LDS Infotech is actively working with a number of customers in the cloud space; some of which include Big Basket, WardWiz, Borderless Access, Artificial Reality, among others. Whereas, the focus industry verticals for LDS Infotech include retail, media, BFSI, manufacturing and healthcare. “We are focusing significantly on the startup and SMB customers, who are huge consumers of cloud. Whereas, in the enterprise segment, we are only looking at managed services. We have a different approach for the enterprise market, as OEMs are directly engaged with the customers,” informs Selvanayagan.

As one of its projects, LDS Infotech has provided cloud migration services for a manufacturing client, which faced the challenge of consolidating IT infrastructure and migrating to cloud, retiring old data centre hardware. As part of the solution, LDS Infotech built a modern Azure infrastructure, with simplified domain management. The company retired one of the data centres  with on-premise servers, and migrated over 100 servers to Azure and 350 users to AD on cloud. This resulted in improved overall performance, tasks automation, saving of resources and costs.

With cloud and emerging technologies such a AI, ML and IoT, there has been an increasing need for reskilling and enablement. At the organisational level, LDS Infotech has ensured that new and existing resources are sent for trainings and understanding the changes required for learning these new technologies. The company is continuously reskilling its workforce in line with processes. Furthermore, it is focusing on navigating the legal and ethical considerations that surround digital business practices, such as privacy and data protection. Shetty says, “All OEMs and vendors conduct regular webinars, online trainings and classroom trainings and there are regular nominations from our end for these trainings which take place on weekly and monthly basis.”

“While the start-ups and born-in-the-cloud customers show high maturity in term of technology know-how, the maturity among SMB customers lie between 40 and 50 per cent. To addres this, many OEMs are also conducting training sessions for customers. However, as awareness increases, the market will get more matured,” says Selvanayagan.

The roadmap for the company includes increase in team strength, marketing and building new case studies. Shetty concludes, “To be on the forefront of technology by offering something different, valuable, rare and hard to imitate to consumers – that’s our focus. Different Customers have different wants and particular needs. Our strategy is to understand and find the needs and wants of people that are not being met. We want to create a business to exploit this gap in a way that is affordable for potential customers. If you offer something unique, you will have a long-term competitive advantage in the marketplace.”


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