During Covid times, innovation is the key


Amid the ongoing coronavirus scare, an IT-enabled firm in Kerala has come up with a handy device ‘CoGun’, that enables a range of common yet critical activities which minimises the risk of exposure to the deadly virus.

Likewise, with the growing use of cloud infrastructure, the threat of cloud security breaches will rise. Hence, a start-up headquartered in San Francisco in the US has come up with a solution to protect it. The company has got numerous enquiries during the lockdown.

SectorQube has launched the keychain-shaped CoGun that aids people in routine functions such as pushing the door handle, pressing the ATM buttons, operating a lift or water tap, thus guarding the user against possible germ-infected surfaces.

The innovative product was launched this week as part of a series of innovations taking place at Maker Village in line with an emerging national focus on indigenisation.

Kochi-based C3M chief operating officer Aswin Unnikrishnan said one of the biggest challenge that enterprises in the cloud face is “what do we secure in the cloud?”

“Since the lockdown and the implementation of work from home, we have seen a spike in the number of enterprises both large and small that are reaching out to us to help them manage the security of their cloud infrastructure. Traditional security solutions do not work well in the cloud, only a solution that is as dynamic as the cloud will be effective,” said Unnikrishnan.

“Our C3M Cloud Control platform does an inventory of all resources in the cloud infrastructure and runs a check against Cloud Control’s out of the box security best practices to check any risks to the cloud infrastructure. Our platform automates the entire cloud security monitoring and enforcement thus saving costs and man hours that would have taken to do this manually,” added Unnikrishnan.



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