STPI launches knowledge series ‘Pulse’ for IT industry, startups


In joint collaboration Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and AIC STPINEXT INITIATIVES have initiated STPI Pulse, an online webinar series, where speakers of global repute are sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the community at large.

STPI Pulse is a pioneering initiative to help industry and start-ups stay afloat by deliberating on the challenges, opportunities, and strategies to become more sustainable, efficient and resilient in front of global crises. The first web session, was launched on 15th April 2020, featured Dr. Omkar Rai, Director General, STPI, and Subroto Bagchi, Co-founder of Mindtree and Chairman of Odisha Skill Development Authority. The 1st session focused on the topic- ‘Overcoming the Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis: A Strategy for MSMEs & Startups in IT/ITeS Industry’.

As a keynote speaker, Subroto Bagchi highlighted on 11 strategies comprising lead with sacrifice, communicate continuously, rewrite your business plan, don’t follow the herd, leaders are sense makers, how can I help, cut your costs to the core, question your relevance, seek external help, never miss opportunities in crisis, and newer opportunities will come.

Bagchi said, “When you make your decision according to your situation, you are more likely to stay with it. It is not necessary that all the popular tough decisions are meant for your company as well. Do what you can to support as a leader and a human being.”

While addressing at the session of STPI Pulse, Dr Omkar Rai, Director General, STPI said, “The IT industry is so innovative, it is coming forward with ideas, solutions and suggestions to not only mitigate the challenges but also to capitalize on them and come up with solutions that can benefit the society at large. The industry is fast adapting to the measures and the government is also quite proactive while supporting them.” Since this new knowledge series is addressing the business issues related to Indian startups. The session also presented a home-grown product startup- Airmeet to connect with audience.

The second session of the webinar series- ‘Sailing through Uncertainties: Impact on startups & how to leverage the current crisis to emerge as leaders’ was conducted on 24th April 2020, presenting Dr Omkar Rai, Director General, STPI and Senapathy “Kris” Gopalakrishnan, Chairman, Axilor Ventures and Co-Founder & Former Vice Chairman, Infosys.

During the conversation, Senapathy “Kris” Gopalakrishnan deliberated on how investment can be attracted from institutional investors said, “My discussion with institutional investors tells me that they are very keen to support their companies. They are allocating them disproportionately and protecting existing investments. If you are doing reasonably well and executing plans well, investors will support you.”

STPI also conducted the third session on- ‘Design thinking for building global class products’ by roping in Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Intellect Design Arena and Founder & Former Chairman & CEO,  Polaris Consulting and Services as keynote speaker.

He said, “We must focus on building innovative products and various dimensions of design thinking. Jain further explained, “Design thinking starts with listening to customers in an unbiased manner, moves on to dialogues, and focuses on observations. It’s is about understanding requirements, observing, connecting the dots, and unearthing blind spots.”

He explained about the three laws of design thinking include less is more, the last 2 per cent is 200 per cent and theory of prioritization. Lastly, he talked about five forces of design thinking comprises skill, expertise, perspective, idea, and alignment.


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