We are launching new GoTo Partner Network that is built to empower emergent partner ecosystems

By Mathew Philip, Senior Director & Country Manager, Sales, GoTo

LogMeIn, the company that owns remote collaboration software like GoTo Meeting and password management company LastPass is changing its name to GoTo. In an exclusive interview to CRN India, Mathew Philip, Senior Director & Country Head Sales – GoTo India shares the roadmap for channel and new GoTo partner program.

What are the flagship products that make GoTo a unique portfolio brand?

GoTo’s flagship flexible-work software solutions include GoTo Connect for unified communication products and our recently launched GoTo Resolve for remote support. GoTo also offers GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, Rescue and more. These cutting-edge products are built for small and midsize business IT departments, but are powerful enough for enterprise customers. GoTo is the only company that can offer both Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and IT Support & Management (ITSM) products. We are empowering nearly 800K customers and over a billion people using our UCC products, and boast half a billion connections on the company’s remote access and support tools.

In addition, we are hyper focused on security and reliability. With the launch of GoTo Resolve we are pioneering a first-to-market zero-trust approach to security for our new support tool.  Moreover, we offer GoTo Resolve as a freemium product that can be deployed in minutes.

What are your expectations from GoTo Launch in India?

With the pandemic making its presence felt across industries, businesses are increasingly pivoting towards digitalization and remote working. Amidst this vast transformation in the way companies operate, it is imperative to provide them with robust, agile and flexible remote working solutions that can successfully help them in weathering the pandemic-induced turbulence and maintain business continuity in the new normal.  We believe our latest product GoTo Resolve will be tremendously appealing to the Indian market.

How will the product ease the role of IT in respective organizations

Currently, there are 75 million Small and Medium Businesses operating in India and this number is expected to grow to 105 million in the next five years driven by digitalisation. But today, among these 75 million SMBs, only 8 million have been operating digitally since their inception. This opens up a massive window of opportunity for technology companies like us to help the rest of the 67 million SMBs make their way into digital. Our all-in-one and user-friendly GoTo portfolio perfectly complements the way SMBs like to optimize their operations. Our products streamline IT team’s workload, filling a much-needed gap in empowering employees who are increasingly operating in a remote work environment. GoTo and the new portfolio reiterate our dedication towards making IT easy by empowering SMBs to work simply yet effectively. Our products are designed to address their specific challenges by efficiently resolving customer pain points and aiding them to serve their dynamic working environments optimally.

Given the rise of hybrid work model across the country, how relevant will it be for Indian companies to adopt GoTo

Our company was founded to support remote workers. With our new brand and new products, we are doubling down on our commitment to support SMBs. During the pandemic, we witnessed more and more professionals inching towards virtual meetings, conferences, and webinars to maintain business continuity during these turbulent times. As we look forward we know that a full return to the office is not something that employees want and we want to make it as easy as possible for IT teams to enable their workers to collaborate and support their teams from wherever they are working.

Are there any vulnerabilities that GoTo has been able to overcome for the users?

The evolution of GoTo stems from a responsibility towards fulfilling the evolving expectations of 800K customers. We listened to their needs and analyzed their behaviours and built our new product GoTo Resolve with these pain points in mind. GoTo Resolve brings together a wealth of support and IT management tools into a single, easy-to-use solution. And best of all it’s fast to deploy – in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks – and we offer a freemium version. This means that robust support tools that many businesses previously thought were unattainable can now be brought into their businesses. This launch builds on the company’s strong pedigree of remote work solutions , 99.9% uptime, and experience with zero trust security to offer trusted and reliable technology.

Can you brief me on the Remote Support portfolio for India?

The newly launched GoTo Resolve is a new IT Support & Management (ITSM) product.  GoTo Resolve modernizes IT support by bringing together all the tools SMBs need to manage and support employees in a flexible, secure, and conversational way. GoTo Resolve includes a feature-rich free tier, making premium, secure IT management & support accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What is the R&D that went behind for India market for developing the product

GoTo has invested significantly in designing cutting-edge resources based on exhaustive research and development in India, to continually enrich its product portfolio and functionality, helping SMBs work effectively in an increasingly remote-working future.

What is the overall brand strategy for Indian market

The Indian market is a rapidly expanding segment that is aggressively pivoting towards digitalization and automation. We have users and customers across almost every sector including micro-businesses and large enterprises of the country. Aimed at expanding its areas of services, GoTo is focused on catering to IT departments of SMBs, and enabling a futuristic WFH model that could help businesses adapt to the new normal. We are especially excited to bring to market our new GoTo Resolve product to help support SMB locally. We are confident that this latest launch will be positively received across the country.

Partners have played a very important role in the growth of GoTo. In a crowded channel market, we are initiating the new GoTo Partner Network that is built to empower emergent partner ecosystems with alternate pathways to captivate users and enhance revenue.  Amid a burgeoning focus, existing as well as new partners can now profit from additional investments in marketing, new integrations, and support for multiple partner types (MSPs, Resellers, and Distributors). The program comprises of a formalized tiering model with associated benefits relative to performance to create additional revenue opportunities for providing remote support, endpoint management, and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) products to SMBs.


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