SafeHouse Technology targets 90 percent market share in India


The company aims to achieve this fete in the mobile security domain by the end of 2020

Many start-ups and companies alike have been hit by COVID-19 and social distancing measures along with the nationwide lockdown has only made it worse. The current situation has mandated for companies to re-visit their objectives and strategies for 2020. While it is becoming challenging for most of the start-ups and businesses to keep rolling due to lesser revenues and uncertainty in the global financial situation, SafeHouse Technologies has adopted a fresh approach to survive, adapt, and thrive in these challenging times.

SafeHouse Technologies, an Indo-Israeli start-up which has taken a unique approach to democratize cyber security for the everyday consumer and aims to achieve 90% market share in the mobile security segment in India by the end of the year. With the successful launch of BodyGuard, a one-button app that encrypts and secures mobile phones, SafeHouse passed 100k+ user mark in January 2020 (within months of launch).

Aditya Narang, Co-founder & Managing Director, SafeHouse Technologies said, ”At SafeHouse we are constantly challenging the market norms, and in doing so pioneering new channels and routes to market that enable us to achieve exponential growth. While the new market conditions pose threats to traditional business models of all companies (software included), SafeHouse has been able to rapidly evolve and propel ourselves to a faster rate of acquiring users. We have taken strict measures to ensure we can survive. We require to constantly adapt in these uncertain times, and with our revived focus and energy we are now ready to thrive. This has been our company mantra: Survive, Adapt, and Thrive”

The launch of SafeHouse’s operations in India comes close on the heels of the historic Indo-Israel collaboration on national security and defence. As global security mechanisms become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, the intervention of such visionaries to invest in the next frontier of cyber defense and incorporate military grade methodologies is the need of the hour.


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