Appdome launches Gen5 Mobile Defense Framework for Mobile Applications and Brands Globally 


Appdome, the one-stop-shop for mobile app defense, today announced the release of Generation 5 of its in-app mobile defense framework, the core protection framework delivered by its cyber defense automation platform. With “Gen5”, Appdome provides the most advanced cyber and anti-fraud defenses for the newest mobile platforms, more sophisticated in-app UX/UI choices and new telemetry and intelligence options for mobile brands globally.

As mobile applications become the dominant force in the consumer landscape, mobile operating system and device manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a mobile device. Evolutions in the languages and frameworks used to build mobile applications, new OS and device architectures and integrated devices like watches, VR headsets and more, offer compelling new experiences for all users. At the same time, these new experiences create new engineering complexities for mobile app defense and new attack vectors for hackers and other malicious actors to exploit. Traditional mobile security and anti-fraud SDKs fall behind or end up as shelf ware, unable to be deployed due to complexity, incompatibility or compromise.

“Gen5 represents Appdome’s commitment to simplifying and accelerating mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware and other critical protections into the mobile app development process,” said Avi Yehuda, founder and co-creator of Appdome. “We’re building mobile app defense that developers can use with full support for the mobile frameworks and methods they’re using every day.”

Key highlights of Appdome’s Gen5 mobile defense framework include:

Symbiotic Detection & Defense in Mobile Apps

Gen5 levels up the in-app mobile experience and UX/UI choices when attacks happen with key upgrades to Threat-Events™, Appdome’s in-app threat intelligence and control framework. For example, Threat-Events now includes deeper attack and threat data as well as optional conditional detection and enforcement policies, allowing the mobile application to inform Appdome when to inspect or enforce a given defense. In Gen5, Threat-Events also includes a mobile device heartbeat, allowing Appdome to signal the mobile app about device and/or connection health before initiating a workflow (such as a transaction) in the mobile app.

Extended Threat Intelligence and Data

Gen5 also extends the role of Threat-Events, allowing its rich mobile application attack and threat data to be consumed outside of the mobile app. For example, Threat-Events can now feed and inform external systems, such as Appdome’s ThreatScope™ (Appdome’s mobile XDR offering), web application firewalls (WAFs) as seen in Appdome’s new MOBILEBot™ Defense* solution and other systems. To support this, Threat-Events was given its own Adhesive Network Stack, with built-in intelligence features, to allow for network handling and decision-making based on the payload and the ability to add or modify the header or traffic type in runtime.

Better Security with the Newest Mobile Methods and Architectures

Gen5 offers the highest performance mobile app defense on the market. Inside Gen5, mobile brands get:

  • Mobile App Defense Designed to Scale. Gen5 takes full advantage of modern mobile architectures, methods, frameworks and processors to maintain the highest performance defense and intelligence actions, without compromising security.
  • New Deep Threat Detection enabling a new class of mobile malware protections, including OS remount, unlocked bootloader, custom ROMs and geo-spoofing detection, all without unnecessary permissions.
  • New Behavioral Detection Methods to detect advanced threats such as detecting digital manipulation techniques to create fake facial images to bypass facial authentication, accessibility malware defense and more, all without unnecessary permissions.
  • New Dynamic Encryption to ensure that every block of data uses the most secure and optimized options available – as well as the ability to change the implementation on the fly based on the data and the encryption capabilities available.
  • New Obfuscation techniques and optimizations for Kotlin and metadata, Java decoding and faster resolution of obfuscated classes – all while minimizing file size impact.
  • Support for Mac M-series Processors for iPhone and iPad apps available in the Mac App Store.
  • Support for VR-headsets including Meta Quest and Apple’s Vision Pro VR Headset.
  • Built-in crash reporting to simplify troubleshooting of deployed apps.
  • WYSIWYG, Fully Modular Architecture to avoid unnecessary file size impacts and support the widest range of devices and operating systems.
  • Full Support for all Mobile Languages and Frameworks including all recent updates to Obj-C, C+, Java, JS, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, Cordova and more.
  • No-Code, No-SDK, Fully Automated Delivery purpose built for the mobile DevOps pipeline.

“The explosion of innovation in the mobile market means cyber and anti-fraud solutions have to keep up,” said Gil Hartman, VP of Engineering at Appdome. “With Gen5, mobile brands and developers can deploy any kind of mobile app defense on the newest architectures, in the newest frameworks and support the most dynamic languages, with much better information and control than anywhere else.”

*For more information about Appdome MOBILEBot™ Defense, also announced today, please see the related press release titled, “Appdome Unveils its New MOBILEBot™ Defense Solution, Revolutionizing the Way Mobile Brands Defeat Mobile Bots.”


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