Apple Mac Pro-style ‘Hackintosh’ computers back in business


Here comes another company that has launched Apple Mac Pro-style workstations popularly called Hackintosh that come pre-installed with macOS Catalina and Windows 10 Pro.

The new company called OpenCore Computer (which has no affiliation with OpenCore Bootloader) has launched a commercial Hackintosh computer called the “Velociraptor,” in a clear violation of Apple’s end-user license agreement for macOS, reports Mac Rumors.

OpenCore is a free open-source tool used to prepare a system for booting macOS and an earlier Florida-based company called Psystar Corporation sold such “Open Computers”, later winding up its ‘hackintosh” operations in 2012.

The OpenCore Computer’s lineup of computers are called “zero-compromise Hackintoshes”.

“Velociraptor” which is configurable with up to a 16-core CPU, 64GB of RAM, and a Vega VII GPU, and starts at $2,199.

“OpenCore Computer intends to launch more models at a later date, with options allowing for up to a 64-core CPU and 256GB of RAM”.

Hackintoshes are computers that run macOS on hardware not authorised by Apple.

“OpenCore Computer seems to be trying to get around Apple by accepting payments in Bitcoin cryptocurrency only”, said the report.

Apple was yet to comment.

In a statement, OpenCore Bootloader said “it is shocking and disgusting that some dishonest people we do not even know dare to use the name and logo of our bootloader, OpenCore, as a matter of promotion in some illicit criminal scam”.



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