Blazeclan achieves new APN Certification Distinction for developing a talent pool of 300 AWS Certified employees

Varoon Rajani, Co-Founder and CEO, Blazeclan Technologies

Blazeclan Technologies has announced that it has achieved a new AWS Partner Network (APN) Certification Distinction from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This certification recognizes the efforts the company has taken to achieve 300 AWS certifications, and developing and nurturing the wide talent pool. This achievement builds on Blazeclan’s existing commitment to being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and supports Blazeclan’s ability to guide organizations towards strategic cloud transformation.

Blazeclan completed 200 AWS certifications collectively  six months ago and received an honorable mention by the AWS Regional Partner Network 2020 which recognized the efforts in achieving 300 AWS certifications.  Varoon Rajani, the Blazeclan Technologies CEO, said, “AWS certifications ensure all our customers and partners know that they are in good hands when they leverage AWS solutions through Blazeclan. It’s an honor to earn yet another APN Certification Distinction, and have our efforts as an organization recognized by the AWS Partner Network team.”

Blazeclan is continuously putting efforts in upskilling its employees to increase customer satisfaction and guide them in embracing digital transformation with faster time to value. Varoon adds, “In the post-COVID world of business, it will not be an overstatement to say that most organizations will have their applications and workload on the cloud. As AWS leads the way in cloud computing, our achievement of AWS certifications will help us stand out from the crowd and gain customer loyalty while we help them make a seamless transiition to the cloud.”


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