BSA debuts global AI policy solutions


BSA | The Software Alliance debuted “Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI”, a new series of policy recommendations to help policy makers worldwide craft workable rules that harness the benefits of responsible AI.

As India forges ahead with its ambitious national program, “IndiaAI Mission,” the need for comprehensive guidance to steer the responsible growth of AI is escalating. BSA’s AI Policy Solutions are closely aligned with the IndiaAI Mission’s aim to foster AI innovation, facilitate access to data sets, and build “safe and trusted AI.”

Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, Country Manager, India, BSA | The Software Alliance, stated “BSA recommends that the Government of India take a whole-of-a-government and risk-based approach to AI governance, which will enable responsible innovation. BSA’s AI Policy Solutions provide actionable guidance to achieve these goals”.

In anticipation of the forthcoming Digital India Act, which may include regulations on AI and other developing technologies, BSA’s recommendations aim to complement and reinforce India’s evolving regulatory landscape by calling for:

  • Implementing risk management programs
  • Supporting robust testing for high-risk AI systems
  • Distinguishing between different actors in the AI ecosystem
  • Promoting transparency through the encouragement of watermarks or other disclosure methods for AI-generated content
  • Pursuing international interoperability to develop a shared vision of risk-based approaches to AI policy.
  • Improving access and support for STEM education and expanded workforce training for alternative pathways to careers in AI.

BSA’s AI Policy Solutions builds on years of leadership on AI policy dating back to 2018 when BSA first issued its five pillars for facilitating responsible AI innovation. In the years since, BSA has developed, in conjunction with its members, a variety of proposals to advance responsible AI, most notably the 2021 Framework to Build Trust in AI.


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