Cabling experts meet in the R&M Truck


R&M is again providing Europe’s cabling experts with the opportunity to ‘talk shop’ directly in front of their own front door in 2019. On a roadshow through more than 20 countries, two R&M trucks are now visiting contacts on site. There is plenty of information on board for planners, installers and their customers, project managers, distributors, system integrators, users and other interested parties.

Over the years, the R&M truck had become a popular meeting place which is why R&M is extending the offer and sending a further truck on tour from 2019. The visitors meet up in the exhibition bus in a practice-oriented atmosphere. Here they swap stories and share experiences on the latest developments in network technology. The focus is on tips and tricks for installation, subjects such as bandwidth requirements, network management and cyber security.

Between racks, patch panels, copper and fibre optic cables, visitors obtain exclusive information from R&M experts. They can test products as well as R&M’s termination and cabling technologies. One of the two trucks focuses on solutions for Fiber to the Home (FTTH). The other is equipped with systems for Power over Ethernet, data centre and LAN cabling.

Visitors can familiarise themselves with technologies that are still relatively new to them, such as Passive Optical LAN (POLAN). In the R&M truck, IT managers become acquainted with automated infrastructure management which will free them of manual network administration.

Planners use the trucks to advise building owners and project customers as well as demonstrate how to use R&M solutions. This facilitates the decision-making process. The roadshow teams also offer training sessions on site, saving on travel to distant seminars, and update partners in the connectivity industry on all the latest findings.


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