Chitale Dairy modernizes its portfolio of business-critical apps with VMware Tanzu


Chitale Dairy, a leading producer of Dairy products based in Pune India, extended its partnership with VMware to modernize its business-critical application with Tanzu. Chitale Diary was looking to digitize every aspect of its business, from animal feed procurement to delivering dairy products to customers. Chitale Diary modernized existing applications and developed a hybrid cloud environment which helped the dairy accelerate the delivery of new capabilities and boost efficiency while providing the flexibility to capitalize on multi-cloud environments in the future. The organization has been working with VMware since 2005 when they launched the revolutionary “Cows to Cloud” program that helps farmers improve their stock and increase milk production.

With this extended partnership, Chitale Dairy has now launched “Grass to Glass” to meet changing customer requirements and adapt to new competitive conditions. VMware’s premier partner, Sunfire Technologies, worked with Chitale’s development team to containerize key applications that run on Kubernetes clusters drawn from the VMware Tanzu portfolio. Sunfire helped the dairy containerize existing apps, implement an agile DevOps methodology and build continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

 Key aspects of ‘Grass to Glass’ program include the following:

  • Digitized every aspect of the business from feeding animals (grass) to delivering dairy products to consumers (in glass) – transitioning all software to modern, containerized apps.
  • Infused digital technology at every step of production.
  • Implemented VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, VMware Cloud Foundation, and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer to create cloud-native apps.
  • Modernized existing applications and developed a hybrid cloud environment.

VMware Tanzu is a modular, cloud-native application platform that helps to accelerate development, delivery, and operations across multiple clouds. By adopting Tanzu, Chitale Dairy has streamlined its application development and deployment processes, enabling faster time-to-market for new products and services. The robust capabilities of Tanzu have allowed Chitale Dairy to enhance its overall agility, scalability, and security in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By integrating virtualization, cloud computing, and data analytics, VMware worked towards helping create a digital foundation that will drive innovation and help Chitale Dairy achieve its business goals.

“Our collaboration with VMware and the adoption of Tanzu have revolutionized our application landscape,” said Vishvas Chitale, CEO and CTO, of Chitale Dairy. “Our motto is ‘do more with less’ and VMware has helped us make that transition possible in an agile manner. By modernizing our business-critical apps, we have significantly improved our ability to innovate, respond to market changes swiftly, and deliver exceptional experiences to our customers. Tanzu’s advanced capabilities have empowered our teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively, accelerating our digital transformation journey.”

Harihar Deshpande, Director, Sunfire Technologies, said, “To move forward with app modernization and become cloud-ready, Chitale Diary digitized every aspect of the company’s operations. This is an amazing story of how technology can bring prosperity to the dairy community, develop quality products, and deliver exceptional services to consumers while being focused on growth, profitability, and sustainability. We look forward to this continuing partnership between Sunfire Technologies, VMware, and Chitale Dairy and we will continue in our efforts to make Chitale Dairy a leading adopter of the latest in technology.”

Prashant Sharma, Director Enterprise Sales, VMware India, said, “Chitale Dairy has been proactive in adopting technology since its inception and has stayed ahead by embracing advancements. By modernization of their existing apps, we effectively addressed the demand for scalable solutions. At VMware, we prioritize supporting our customers on their path to success. Combining Chitale Dairy’s industry knowledge with VMware’s cutting-edge technology will help to unlock fresh opportunities in the sector. Together, we aim to establish a digitally connected dairy ecosystem that enhances efficiency, agility, and sustainability.”



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