India gets its first Cyber Quantified model to change risk management strategies


With cyber threats evolving at an unprecedented pace and regulatory requirements becoming increasingly stringent, Zeron, a Mumbai based cybersecurity startup, has launched India’s first advanced Cyber Quantified model called Quantified Business Exposure to Risks (QBER) for BFSI companies. As the inaugural CRQ model from India, QBER sets a new standard for cyber risk quantification, offering organizations a comprehensive and dynamic approach to cybersecurity management.

By quantifying cyber risks in monetary terms and furnishing actionable insights, this technology model empowers organizations to enhance their cyber resilience, streamline operations, and mitigate financial repercussions of cyber incidents effectively. The market demand for CRQ, exemplified by QBER, is robust and growing rapidly. As cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication and frequency, organizations across industries are seeking innovative solutions to quantify and manage their cyber risk exposure effectively. Statistics show that 97% of the organizations who adopted CRQ derived huge benefits in terms of their cybersecurity investments in the organization.

Unlike conventional approaches, QBER offers a dynamic and holistic view of cyber risk exposure, enabling organizations to adapt swiftly to evolving threat landscapes. By integrating QBER into insurance underwriting processes, credit risk analysis action insurers can tailor policies to clients’ unique risk profiles, fostering a more resilient cybersecurity ecosystem.

This upgrade comes at a time when there is an increase in cyber threats, data loss, and extortion cases affecting businesses. Zeron aims to harness advanced threat intelligence to provide financial organizations with timely insights into their cyber risk exposure. By integrating industry-specific data such as market cap, employee count, endpoints, security solutions, and regulatory mandates, QBER enables organizations to make informed decisions about cyber risk mitigation strategies, resource allocation, and regulatory compliance.

Sanket Sarkar, CEO & Co-Founder of Zeron, said, “The escalating complexity of cyber threats and the increasing regulatory scrutiny surrounding cyber risks have created a pressing need for robust CRQ solutions like QBER. With its ability to deliver actionable insights and empower organizations to enhance their cyber posture, QBER sets a new standard for cyber risk quantification.”

This launch marks a pivotal moment in India’s cybersecurity journey, addressing two critical challenges facing organizations today: the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape and the increasingly stringent regulatory environment. With cyber threats escalating at an unprecedented rate and regulatory requirements imposing greater accountability, the need for robust cyber risk management solutions has never been more pressing.

Zeron’s core mission is to bridge trust gaps among stakeholders and empower organizations to make informed cybersecurity decisions, ensuring the effective safeguarding of digital assets while maintaining compliance with industry regulations and enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience. Its innovative solutions have gained significant traction among a diverse range of customers across Indonesia, Canada, Singapore, the UK, the Philippines, and more.

Notable clients include Affin Bank, NTUC, Aditya Birla Capital, and Bank Open, among others. The platform offers invaluable insights by contextualizing both tangible and intangible cyber risks from each stakeholder’s perspective. Moreover, Zeron’s robust tools enable the quantification of these risks, seamlessly aligning them with regulatory mandates and compliance requirements.


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