Contentstack launches No-Code Automation Hub


Contentstack, a content experience platform (CXP) category firm, has unveiled their industry-first Automation Hub, aimed at radically simplifying the deployment of composable architectures at any scale. Now, marketing and IT can move at the speed of their business and imagination, overcoming the technical and operational hurdles that adopting a composable architecture can introduce. Contentstack launches the new capability on stage today at its inaugural customer conference, ContentCon. The conference takes place in Austin (USA), which will feature presentations from Contentstack customers such as Levi’s, Dawn Foods, and Golfbreaks, to name a few.

Composable architectures (or stacks) are the path forward for enterprises to create digital experiences at the speed needed to respond to changing market demands and business threats.  In a recent report Gartner predicted that by 2023, organizations that adopt an intelligent,  composable approach will outpace their competition by 80 percent when it comes to the speed of new feature implementation. However, moving away from legacy monolithic systems to a  world full of choices often introduces technical complexity and operational challenges.  Contentstack’s Automation Hub addresses both head-on by infusing simple, no-code, business logic as a front-end to the composable stack.

“Using best-in-breed technologies is the only way to stay competitive, but enterprises often end up bogged down in integration hell. Implementing business logic today involves writing code that is often slow, brittle, and requires constant maintenance. Our Automation Hub solves this by allowing teams to build complex, cross-vendor connections visually without code. It is a true game-changer,” said Conor Egan, VP, Product and Engineering, Contentstack.

“At Contentstack, we are committed to organizations who choose to challenge the status quo and adopt a modern, composable approach to power their digital experiences,” said Neha Sampat, Founder and CEO, Contentstack.

“Combining ‘Connect without Compromise’ and ‘Care without Compromise’ embodies this commitment. We take on the burden of making it easy to work across multiple vendors – from both a support and integration perspective – so you don’t have to,” adds Sampat.


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