CoSoSys presents Device Control software to protect sensitive data


CoSoSys, developer of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and security software, has introduced Device Control, an important module of Endpoint Protector. This solution can be used in organisations of all sizes from various industries, and is available as hardware and virtual appliance or cloud infrastructure.

Device Control locks down, monitors and manages removable devices, such as USB storage devices, printers, and ports like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to stop data theft and loss.

“We are very excited to develop our communication strategy in India and bring value to the organizations with Endpoint Protector. Device Control is a fundamental module of our DLP solution and protects sensitive data against accidental or intentional data loss. The solution is cross-platform and works great on Windows, macOS and Linux from a simple web-based interface, making it a great choice for businesses with a mixed environment,” said Filip Cotfas, Channel Manager at CoSoSys.

The USB flash drives and other portable USB devices, although harmless at a first glance, are one of the top causes for security incidents which can cause major damages to any business. The centrally managed Device Control module allows full control of the USB ports and connected storage devices. It monitors all USB ports and devices on all endpoints and blocks unauthorised device use or enforce data encryption. It also sends email reports and alerts regarding your endpoints. Device control prevents data loss and data leaks, while also protecting the endpoints against the spread of USB malware, Bad USB attacks or viruses.


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