Crayon-IBM conducts Enterprise Security Conclave


Crayon, in association with IBM, has recently concluded its ‘Enterprise Security Conclave’ two city Enterprise Security Meet in Bangalore and Mumbai. Attended by over 50 ITDMs, the event was aimed to educate them on cloud security and emphasize the need for ‘Endpoint Management’ as a critical security strategy for businesses.

“With digitalization becoming the development enabler and cyber threats the critical business issue, these topics have become a mainstay in every boardroom discussions. We are glad that the participants got a platform to share their pain points and learned more about IBM’s offering in security space,” said Vikas Bhonsle, CEO at Crayon.

“This event represents Crayon’s top strategic initiatives to further deepen our relationship and help customers overcome various IT challenges. Using a rich set of capabilities from IBM’s security solutions, we are happy to integrate efforts and technologies that help customers reduce their cyber risks.” said Vijay Kanal, Product Lead for IBM at Crayon.

With the experts joining from IBM & Crayon teams, the events also highlighted IBM’s security solutions which can help organization access, prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities or threats quickly across all endpoints. While the event received appreciation from the attendees, it gave a platform networking and idea-sharing amongst the ITDMs, IBM & Crayon team. Packed with presentations, knowledge-sharing sessions, industry insights, and experiences, it also helped attendees share best practices, develop leadership skills and formulate strategies to meet future digital business needs.


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