SAP introduces cloud offerings to accelerate innovation for Indian scaleups


At SAP Now, SAP introduced ‘GROW with SAP for Scaleups’, a new cloud offering to accelerate innovation for growth-oriented startups. Last year, SAP launched ‘Grow with SAP’-as a bundled cloud-native service for midsize companies. The latest offering, designed specifically to support scaleups in simplifying scaling challenges, boosting daily operational efficiency, and sustaining exponential growth will be available for free up to six months.

India is the world’s 3rd largest start-up ecosystem. As per a recent SAP-Zinnov study, over 80% of start-ups in the Enterprise Tech, Health Tech, Retail, and Logistics & AutoTech sectors have reported a substantial increase in revenue and focus on market expansion. This puts into perspective, the fast-paced expansion of Scaleups, and their pivotal role in fostering innovation, employment generation, and contribution to the GDP.

“Scaleups are a critical enabler of India’s nation-building efforts,” said Sanket Deodhar, Vice President & Head of Digital Natives, SAP India. “When armed with a solid technology stack and state-of-the-art tools, Scaleups can innovate, scale quickly, nurture their financial stability, while amplifying their efforts in national development. Embracing cloud technology, therefore, isn’t just an option; but an imperative in today’s competitive landscape.”

Benefits GROW with SAP will bring to Scaleups:

  1. Enhance Market Valuation: By implementing SAP’s cloud solutions to run optimised operations, Scaleups can gain real-time access to financial data and profitability analysis, thus growing the bottom line and driving market valuation.
  2. Faster time to value: Embracing SAP’s Cloud ERP will enable companies to modernise core business processes within weeks, equipped with industry-specific tools and resources, paving the road to profitability and long-term success.
  3. Business Expansion: Scaling up means expanding business into newer markets and regions, compliant with geographical regulations & laws. Adopting SAP’s state-of-the-art cloud solutions can enable Indian scaleups to comply with new market demands, tax requirements, and business regulations by freeing up administrative tasks to focus more on core products, teams, and customers.
  4. Streamline the ‘Hire-to-Retire’ cycle: By automating the onboarding process, growth-focused enterprises can streamline the complete ‘hire-to-retire’ cycle thus enhancing the ‘people experience’ that’s in line with the company’s business expansion.
  5. Access to SAP’s ecosystem: Using SAP’s offerings startups can accelerate their ability to grow, scale, and exit by networking and collaborating with SAP’s global ecosystem through the hypergrowth hub.

“Nykaa is at the forefront of redefining the art of retailing beauty and fashion in India, relying on cutting-edge technology to enhance customer satisfaction,” said Ganesh P, CFO, Nykaa. “Through integrating advanced technologies into our operations, we’ve revolutionised various industry aspects, from streamlining inventory management and supply chains to deploying sophisticated analytics for informed decision-making. SAP’s suite of cloud solutions is poised to be an integral part of this journey, as we work towards a seamless, personalised experience for our customers,” he added.

“As relentless innovators, Atomberg aims to revolutionise India’s home appliances industry, by making our customers’ daily lives easier,” stated Manish Bansal, CFO of Atomberg. “The right way is to leverage technology that highlights data-driven decisions that delivers exceptional customer experiences and scales a sustainable enterprise that makes high quality, smart, energy-efficient products of the future. SAP’s Rise with SAP has provided us with a single integrated digital core to streamline all business processes including, inventory, procurement, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain as well as fasten our expansion plans in other geographies across APAC region,” he added.


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