Dialpad India certified as a great place to work by Work Institute, India


Dialpad Inc. announced its certification as a great workplace by the Great Place to Work Institute, India. The Great Place to Work Certification is recognized by employees and employers worldwide and is considered the standard for identifying and recognizing great workplace cultures.

“The Dialpad India team is growing fast with more than 90 employees throughout India working remotely and in the Bengaluru office, while focusing on building a strong workplace culture and positive environment,” said Amit Kaul, Vice President of Engineering and India Country Manager, Dialpad. “The Dialpad India team is honored to be certified by the Great Place to Work Institute.”

Dialpad India marks its three-year anniversary in November 2021 and has nearly doubled in size during the calendar year. The company plans to continue its India software engineering team investment with up to 50 new hires over the next 12 months. The India team will focus on Dialpad conferencing capabilities, product integrations and cloud platform infrastructure to support artificial intelligence (AI), a critical component as Dialpad expands research and development efforts for its proprietary Voice Intelligence (Vi™) technology. Vi delivers real-time business optimization, including call coaching, automated note-taking, sentiment tracking and transcription analysis to businesses of all sizes.

Dialpad India team highlights for 2021 include:

July: Dialpad India team played a crucial role in the launch of Dialpad Meetings
August: Successfully trained multilingual automatic speech recognition models in six Indian languages
September: Developed cutting-edge innovations for Dialpad Meetings
October: Dialpad India team member designed and implemented water conservation efforts in Bengaluru
November: Critical contributions by Dialpad India team on Dialpad-Zoho integration


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