Druva receives Cyber catalyst designation for outstanding product Security and ability to combat Ransomware


Druva has been recognized as a Cyber Catalystdesignated solution. Created by Marsh, the unique program brings together leading cyber insurers to evaluate cybersecurity solutions and award the Cyber Catalyst designation to those they believe can have a meaningful impact on cyber risk. Druva inSync was recognized for its ability to help deter and combat ransomware attacks on endpoint devices and leading cloud applications, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce and Google Workspace.

Data’s value continues to rise as businesses increasingly leverage it to create unique customer experiences, identify business opportunities, and differentiate from competitors. Given data’s growing importance to drive these efforts, IT leaders require solutions that can not only manage expanding data footprints, but scale instantly with changing needs, offer access on demand, and protect against potential cybersecurity threats, including ransomware. In fact, 79 percent of IT leaders in the US and UK see data management and protection as a competitive business advantage according to the 2020 Value of Data Survey. Druva offers the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-native data protection platform, designed to radically simplify data management and transform backup data into an asset by making it more open and accessible. Built with robust encryption technology, long-term retention capabilities, data loss prevention features, and behavioral insights to mitigate unauthorized access, Druva is uniquely positioned to help today’s digital organizations increase visibility across environments while helping prevent, remediate, and recover from malicious attacks.

“The astounding rise in cyber attacks, coupled with increasing regulatory penalties and fines, has created heightened awareness of the importance of compliance, privacy and security,” said Jung-Kyu McCann, General Counsel, Druva. “Key stakeholders, regulators and the general public expect companies to implement robust security protocols that protect consumer and personal data. As businesses navigate this challenging landscape and the rising number of threats and attacks, we’ve built a solution with proven architecture and trusted security that not only helps unify data management processes, but lowers overall corporate risk.”

“The Cyber Catalyst designation signals that leading insurers believe Druva can help reduce cyber risk, and strongly merits consideration by organizations who seek solutions that yield meaningful improvements in cyber risk outcomes,” said Tom Reagan, US & Canada Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh. “The latest Cyber Catalyst solutions target the five most significant cyber risks identified by cyber insurers and, together with the 2019 designees, comprise a roster of more than 30 cybersecurity products insurers believe can be highly effective against cyber threats.”

Delivered as-a-service, Druva inSync simplifies backup, recovery, compliance, and device management to reduce the cost and complexity of end-user data protection. Offering air-gapped and immutable data, backup data stored in Druva Cloud Platform is isolated from the customer’s infrastructure, preventing ransomware or malware from encrypting the clean backup copies. In their review of Druva inSync, Cyber Catalyst participating insurers rated it highest on the criteria of cyber risk reduction, flexibility, and efficiency. Participating insurers noted:

“This product offers both a competitive recovery point objective and recovery time objective. Features – such as source duplication, analysis of data backup for automatic search of sensitive documents and cloud native for AWS instances – offer administrators compelling options.”
“Simplifies an area that, given the prevalence of ransomware, still seems to mystify organizations: backups.”
“A very comprehensive and easy to use backup facilities with the added benefits of data audit and control functionality. Good integrations with other security products to expand security controls as seamlessly as possible.”


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