Ecom Express launches India’s first AI-based address correction platform


Ecom Express Limited, a tech-driven logistics solutions provider, announces the launch of to simplify address related challenges for delivery of e-commerce parcels across India, especially for the small towns and cities. The unique platform leverages the deeper data of nearly 2 billion parcels delivered by Ecom Express since its inception.

To enhance last-mile logistics, Ecom Express addresses common issues faced by the logistics and e-commerce sector. With 80% of addresses relying on landmarks up to 1.5 km away, geolocating becomes a hurdle, causing an average deviation of about 500 m between the written address and the doorstep. The newly launched solution improves operational accuracy by correcting, standardising, and predicting geo-coordinates for addresses across length and breadth of vast topology of India, not just in metro and tier-1 cities but also into hinterlands of tier-2 cities and beyond where the address quality becomes inferior.

The solution revolutionises the potential of Indian e-commerce and for online seller brands by its ability to boost delivery quality by up to 60%, enhance operational efficiency and reduce logistics cost by up to 30%.

Amit Choudhary, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ecom Express stated “As a part of our continued journey of technology and AI-driven logistics services, fills the address-piece of the puzzle, which is a fundamental capability required in large-scale e-commerce logistics. We are proud of this development.”

Dr. Manjeet Dahiya, Vice President and Head of Data Sciences, Ecom Express said, “ is a foundational large-language model for resolving and understanding postal addresses in India, which is a key for driving automated e-commerce logistics. The model is trained on already available billions of addresses data where Ecom Express has delivered and continues to evolve further.”

This launch reaffirms Ecom Express’s commitment to leveraging technology for superior logistics services and ensuring an unparalleled customer experience. The company’s investment in modern generative AI, like Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), highlights its focus on staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


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