Engati launches eSenseGPT – An enterprise-level for conversational automation


Engati, a renowned global pioneer in AI-powered conversational solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of customer engagement – eSenseGPT. This revolutionary technology is poised to reshape how businesses interact with their customers, providing unprecedented engagement and personalized experiences leveraging LLMs.

Built on the formidable LLM based architecture, eSenseGPT reflects Engati’s commitment to harnessing the forefront of AI technology. This cutting-edge technology can leverage the power of multiple LLMs – GPT 4, BARD AI etc., and boasts exceptional natural language understanding capabilities, enabling it to accurately comprehend context, nuances, and user intentions. As a result, eSenseGPT engages in dynamic and meaningful conversations that closely mimic human-like interactions across text and voice.

Key Benefits of eSenseGPT:

  1. Build & deploy an assistant in minutes: With eSenseGPT train the bot with content – blogs, documents, policies, tabular data and more. Deploy the multi-lingual bot as an assistant across multiple channels including voice. Integrate the assistant with enterprise systems and manage customer experiences with Engati’s no-code builder

  2. Improve agents’ performance and productivity: eSenseGPT’s contextual awareness ensures smoother and more productive conversations, enhancing user satisfaction. Assist agents with contextual responses and summarizing conversations improving SLAs by 30%

  3. Faster to market, closer to humans: Leverage Engati’s Campaign Assist to build content for campaigns and automate them, increasing conversions by 48%. Continuous learning empowers eSenseGPT to stay updated with the latest trends, providing accurate and relevant responses

  4. Hyper-personalization of conversations: With the ability to learn from every interaction, eSenseGPT tailors responses to individual preferences, offering personalized support and recommendations.

  5. Secure and Scalable: Engati ensures top-tier data security, preserving user privacy while delivering a scalable solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise data is safe with Engati or in the Enterprise systems but never shared with third-party LLMs

Imtiaz Bellary, Co-founder & Managing Director at Engati, expressed excitement about the launch: “We’re thrilled to introduce eSenseGPT as a game-changing addition to our suite of AI-powered solutions. This represents a significant leap forward in conversational AI, allowing businesses to forge stronger connections with their customers and deliver unparalleled experiences”.

“We are currently working with several pioneers in the industry across sectors – healthcare, finance, ed-tech, banking, eCommerce and others. Our goal is to democratize Gen-AI in the conversational automation space for Enterprises.”

eSenseGPT is set to redefine how companies approach customer support, virtual assistants, and chatbot interactions. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, businesses can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

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