Fast cabling for colocation data centres


R&M is launching a program for colocation data centres. “We are freeing the operators from time-consuming planning and cabling. Wherever in the world their data center is or is being built,” said Emmanuel Beydon, R&M Key Account Manager for the Colocation Market. “Several trends are currently challenging the industry and its connectivity. A growing number of discerning customers with corresponding capacity possibilities have to be accommodated. Resources have to be built up for the exploding data traffic and latency minimised. Migrations to 100, 200 to 400 Gigabit Ethernet are just around the corner. At the same time, the aim is for data centers to operate in a more agile manner at lower cost. “To ensure the operators can manage everything at the same time and concentrate on their business strategy, we take care of the engineering for connectivity,” added Beydon.

The program starts off with individual support on site from the R&M branches and specialists. Due to the numerous sites and plants on all continents, R&M can cover all market regions. The staff is trained in the R&M standards. The R&M branches take on project responsibility. Direct contact shortens response times. He said, “We always see ourselves as the local partner,” explains Emmanuel Beydon. And at the same time we act globally for those business partners who offer international standards for their hyperscale customers.”

The service package includes, among other things, consulting, evaluation and help in the planning of fiber optic network infrastructures. Furthermore, R&M takes care of logistics, cabling work, measuring and controlling. R&M branches assemble network distributors and racks, and bring them into the building as turnkey solutions. “We effectively act as an extended workbench for planners, network managers and technicians,” said Beydon.

R&M develops separate, custom-tailored solutions as required. Beydon, added, “Tailor-made optical distribution platforms simplify installation and ensure cost efficiency.”


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