HPE Redefines Storage with New Platform Designed for the Intelligence Era


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced HPE Primera, a new platform that redefines mission-critical storage by delivering superior simplicity, availability, and performance. HPE Primera leverages the industry’s most advanced AI platform for operations, HPE InfoSight, to deliver significant breakthroughs – including 93 prcent less time spent on managing storage, and the ability to predict and prevent issues, and accelerate application performance.

Businesses seek to bring new mission-critical applications to market, and support existing ones in order to accelerate speed of business, agility and innovation. However, it is nearly impossible for IT to keep up with these demands because they remain tied down administering, tuning, and supporting infrastructure. As a result, IT is forced to sacrifice agility for reliability.

HPE Primera eliminates the compromises and redefines what is possible in mission-critical storage, by blending innovation from across HPE’s storage portfolio, to provide superior simplicity, availability and performance.

Delivering a Simple, Consumer-Grade User Experience for Mission-Critical Storage

  • Simple to install: Customers can self-install HPE Primera in less than 20 minutes.
  • Simple to manage: Storage can be provisioned on HPE Primera within seconds. Data reduction is built-in and always-on with the flexibility to turn it off.
  • Simple to upgrade: Built with a services-centric OS that decouples data services so they can be deployed, upgraded, or restarted independently, HPE Primera software can be upgraded by customers in 5 minutes without any disruption.
  • Simple to own: Customers have the choice to deploy HPE Primera as a service with a fully managed experience and pay only for what they use through HPE GreenLake. For CapEx purchases, the ownership experience is transformed with Timeless Storage for HPE Primera, ending forklift upgrades. Customers get a non-disruptive controller refresh, all-inclusive software, and storage guarantees for data reduction and availability.

Raising the Expectations of Mission-Critical Storage with 100% Availability Guaranteed

  • 100 percent availability guarantee: HPE Primera comes standard with HPE Proactive Care and a 100 percent data availability guarantee without requiring special contracts or onerous terms.
  • Seeing beyond walls of storage: More than 90 percent of issues arise from above the storage layer – in the network, server and virtualization layer. HPE Primera sees beyond storage with HPE InfoSight to predict and prevent any disruptions in the networking, application and server layers.
  • Mission-critical reliability built-in: HPE Primera is architected for high availability with multi-node design, transparent business continuity with HPE Peer Persistence and data replication. Application-aware data protection via HPE Recovery Manager Central is included, combining with HPE StoreOnce for 15X faster restore and extending to public cloud for cost-effective, long-term retention via HPE Cloud Bank Storage.

“Intelligence changes everything,” said Rajesh Dhar, Senior Director, Hybrid IT, HPE India. “Today’s organizations need a fundamentally new approach to infrastructure operations with an intelligent data strategy. HPE Primera leverages HPE’s unique Intelligent Data Platform to deliver unmatched simplicity, availability, and performance for mission-critical applications, so businesses can focus on harnessing data to drive their business forward.”

“I spend my nights and weekends, as well some serious dollars, managing and upgrading my storage systems,” said Michael York, Sr. Systems Engineer, Asante. “I’m looking forward to deploying HPE Primera with its self-setup, self-tuning and automatic upgrades that don’t disrupt applications. The extremely simple management experience is something I didn’t know was possible from a high-end platform.”

HPE Primera advances the HPE Intelligent Data Platform, a portfolio of products and solutions designed to accelerate application performance, transform data management, harness the agility of all clouds, and empower businesses by unlocking hidden insights within data in real time.

The Intelligent Data Platform helps customers transition from delivering storage to unlocking business value with intelligent data.

The HPE Intelligent Data Platform leverages HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI and machine learning platform, to deliver autonomous, self-managing data storage. HPE InfoSight has analyzed application patterns across 1,250 trillion data points over the last decade to predict and prevent disruptions across storage, servers, and virtual machines, resulting in savings of over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity due to downtime. HPE InfoSight provides the intelligent foundation for all of the HPE storage products, including HPE Primera, creating the industry’s only end-to-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage.


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